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  1. Knightly Knave

    Help! AI behavior summary anywhere?

    Fantastic, another AI question then. Does everyone have the same veins of evil? For example, if I want to be able to have player 1 have a beast den, but I don't want the AI to use beasts because they are Empire or something is there any way to make it unavailable just for the AI?
  2. Knightly Knave

    Help! AI behavior summary anywhere?

    Hello everyone! Is there a list of what different AI dungeon cores do? For example, I know Kasita loves to gather gold but I have no idea what everyone else does. When selecting a dungeon core AI I have no idea which ones are turtle and which are more aggressive etc. I'm sure someone must have...
  3. Knightly Knave

    Claimed Rooms/Mutators

    I'm having a similar problem. I want to have someone able to do a ritual but only after they have claimed a neutral or Empire sanctuary, not from the start. But it looks like if I put Unavailable Sanctuary in the mutators but have any Rituals listed as Available the sactuary will be available...
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