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  1. Nutter

    Happy Birthday Josh!

    Hey everyone, not sure how many people will know that it's Creative Director/Lead Designer/Mangaing Director (wow he does a lot of directing!) Simburgur's birthday today. So I thought it would be cool if anyone who wanted to share birthday wishes could do so here, then we'll tag him in it at...
  2. Nutter

    In Development Beast Scenario (Working Title)

    This sub forum isn't getting much attention so far so let's see if we can perk it up a little with an in-progress map idea. Those of you who played DK1's first secret level will probably recognise the concept behind this, basically you have to possess and use minions to explore the map and...
  3. Nutter

    Greetings Map Makers!

    Welcome to the Map Creation sub-forum for all Map Design and Workshop related threads. This is where you come to post your map ideas and designs, as well as published maps you'd like feedback on. If they're good enough you might even find them showcased! Feel free to make your own threads to...
  4. Nutter

    Compilation Nutter's Maps [Master Thread]

    Hey guys, I'm sure a few of you recognise me as the guy responsible for some of the maps in the game right now, and with the Editor now working i'm hoping to be the guy responsible for plenty more maps. So I figured i'd create a master thread where I can post progress on new maps, screenshots...
  5. Nutter

    [MP Tournament] Post-Group stages Planning

    @Slichizard i'm available to play anytime today or tomorrow, but after that i'll be back working. Other players you should try and play your matches ASAP
  6. Nutter

    Calling all Map Designers!

    Hello budding mapmakers, have I got something awesome for you. There's been a lot of talk about the editor and people wanting to design maps recently so I figure now is a good time to share this... Basically, this is a bit of a tool/template for designing maps (outside of the game) which i'm...
  7. Nutter

    Door Suggestions Thread! (Aka Help the Augres)

    Calling all Underlords! As you well know, the Augres have been toiling away tirelessly creating powerful and brilliant designs for all manner of doors and defenses for a while now. Many a deadly and twisted idea has formed within their minds, and they have hammered away, fusing metal and dark...
  8. Nutter

    Nutter's Concept Art Thread

    First off, apologies to the Mods if this belongs in offtopic instead of here I was yo-yoing between which one I thought it should be in. Feel free to move it if it needs moving. Ok, to the point. As some of you may know I like to dabble in photoshop and create my own concept art or add little...
  9. Nutter

    [Neutral/Underlord Creature] Shanty Claws

    Ok, yeah this is some what of a christmas themed joke. Certainly not a creature that would spawn all year round but maybe as a christmas easter egg or something Highlight: A twisted take on the idea of Santa Claus, this is the creature which delivers gifts to underlords and their minions. He...
  10. Nutter

    Convert a Hero Thread

    Hi Guys, After the Torture Chamber reveal along with the Evil versions of some of the Empire Heroes I thought it might be quite cool to have a play around in Photoshop and design a few evil versions of my own. Then I thought why not make a thread for it, get everyone involved and who knows...
  11. Nutter

    [Underlord Creature] Rogue

    Key Stats Highlight: A Fairly Weak Scout/Fighter unit whose true use comes after a little training, he is especially suited for possession and use of his various "talents" to cause problems for your enemies. Faction: Underlord Type: Intelligent Role: Scout, Melee Fighter, Saboteur Acquired By...
  12. Nutter

    [Gameplay/Mechanics] Mapmaker Tools

    Hey everyone, gameplay/mechanics might not be the correct name for what im about to suggest but its certainly not a creature or a room so this is probably the closest thing. It's more of a general thing or collection of ideas than just one so i'll update the thread as I think of more and of...
  13. Nutter

    [Defense] The Trojan

    Well it's kind of an offensive trap as opposed to a defense but I think defense is the best way to classify it. Basically it takes the appearance of a spellbook or something similar (or ideally it'd look and work like the WFTO equivalent of the dungeon specials that imps used to collect and...
  14. Nutter

    [Creature] The Leech

    The Leech Highlight: A weak creature which can grow into a powerful tank if looked after and cared for. Faction: Underlord Type: Beast Role: Soft Tank/Blocker Aquired by: Via Portal (requires a 5x5 Hatchery or whatever the equivalent is with micropigets) Basic Attack: Melee Offensive Power...
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