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  1. Robofish

    Indie of the year 2014

    So indie DB are having a pointless voting competition to find the best indie game of 2014 despite us all knowing it to be WFTO. Go prove my point for me! http://www.indiedb.com/games/wfto
  2. Robofish

    Codes for Evolve Big Alpha weekend

    Please leave a reply here to let me know which codes you have taken, and so that others here know which ones are used! Once again I have a few spare game keys to give away, this time for the Alpha of evolve. Bear in mind these keys will only last for this weekend. Unlike with Nosgoth you just...
  3. Robofish

    Free Nosgoth Codes

    Please leave a reply here to let me know which codes you have taken, and so that others here know which ones are used! For anyone interested in playing Nosgoth, I have a ridunkulous amount of spare codes, so I figured I would share a few of them here. Nosgoth will be free to play, however...
  4. Robofish

    Happy Birthday to me!

    So it was my birthday yesterday (yes you can by all means by me a beer!) and mummy dearest decided to whip me up the most scrumptious of cakes. Something is amiss this year however as I suspect she has become possessed by dark spirits, or perhaps the most fiendish of underlords. This year she...
  5. Robofish

    Peace of Mind (A Star Citizen Organisation)

    Ok I'm not actually here to talk about the game per se, I'm just going to shamelessly try and recruit you all into my organisation! So to save some time, here is the recruitment spiel ripped straight off our page: We are Peace of Mind. Our company is dedicated to offering no less than...
  6. Robofish

    Alistair will hijack your perfectly productive threads cause he is an evil alien! Lies!

    I have nothing more to say on the matter. I love Alistair
  7. Robofish

    Who's going to Eurogamer?

    I'm fairly surprised this thread does not exist already so far as I can tell, but with WFTO on demo and a large amount of the dev team turning up, I figured it would be nice to see who else is planning to be there. I myself went to Rezzed a few months back and it was pretty great to hang out...
  8. Robofish

    Knightmare remake

    Many of you may not remember, but there was once a time when the heroes above would send nothing more than an ill advised blinded child down into the underworld. Why this was ever considered a well thought out plan, I have no idea; yet it seems that once again Treguard: Dungeon Master and Lord...
  9. Robofish

    Robochar's badass assistant-less playthrough of Deadpool

    So the new Deadpool game came out a little while ago, and as a huge fan (collector even) I was psyched! There's just one problem. The game SUCKS! Okay maybe it doesn't suck. I haven't yet played it, but reviews seem to indicate its pretty average as a game. HOWEVER as a comedy and accurate...
  10. Robofish

    Getting drunk on Noontide

    Please post all rule suggestions for the Noontide plays DK1 stream here :) Rules I deem to be fitting (please do argue with me if you disagree or feel there has been an unforgiveable omission): -Whenever Noontide says "Oh my god" -Whenever Noontide says "So" to indicate an extreme...
  11. Robofish

    Livestream of awesome!

    http://www.twitch.tv/noontide13/new Watch it right now. That is all.
  12. Robofish

    Possession Leaping

    I was actually coming up with a completely different elaborate idea for something that might make for an interesting level (which I may or may not also post later), when I also came up with this simple concept that would be necessary for it, but also a nice little ability to have while in...
  13. Robofish

    Marvel Heroes

    Okay so I spent the last couple of days playing the open beta for Marvel Heroes. Literally. I didn't move from my spot. I probably should have been telling you guys about it while the beta was going on, but that would have meant a few moments of me not playing it, sorry. Anyway, for me it...
  14. Robofish

    Eurovision 2013

    I can't say I usually pay any attention to what goes on in Eurovision whatsoever, but the Estonian entry might just draw my attention and my vote this year.
  15. Robofish

    Guess the film.

    Okay so a while back on the old Keeperklan forums I remember there being this little forum game I enjoyed, so I thought I'd try and continue it here. The rules are as follows: I will post an image, and the first person who I confirm to have correctly guessed which specific film the image is...
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