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  1. mastersam911

    [Old Members] Come back to say Hi

    I was on around a quarter/halfway through the beta of WFTO, been playing on and off and when I get a chance will have another play of it. Any old members like myself around?
  2. mastersam911

    Your First thoughts when playing the Launch&patches Ver of the Game?

    I would like this too be a thread for players with thoughts about the game So I havn't played WFTO for quite a while, I didn't want to lose my anticipation and decided to wait a few days/a week for patches before playing SO anyway I decided to do the first mission in the campaign today and I...
  3. mastersam911

    Join my clan

    Hey all So I was thinking that when the multiplayer gets fully made we could have clan matches So if people are interested then use this link http://spqrlegion.forumotion.co.uk/ (also do other games).
  4. mastersam911

    THe Old City Leviathian

    Found an interesting game (also on humblebundle.com) I havn't played it yet
  5. mastersam911

    Naming the lords of the empire

    In Respone to this I challange you to come up with 20 Lord/Ladies Names And 15 WFTO place names E.g. Lord Fruneheim of Frostwhelm p.s not sure I posted this but I have been working on a mega suggestion DLC called the 13 Lords & ladies of Sin
  6. mastersam911

    What would your imperial Arms be? (inspired by Akame ga Kill!)

    here is a link to get feel for what I mean http://akamegakill.wikia.com/wiki/Teigu (click on the ones that already are within the anime to get a feel of what I mean) Mine would be My Imperial Arms Blood Raigan Appearence: the only hint of knowing someone has it, is the zodiac sign with a...
  7. mastersam911

    How do you find Bugs?

    So in coding to my understanding is its something //./yes no ../<> something like that so what I don't get is how you find bugs from that to me it's like a person who isn't blind trying to read frail
  8. mastersam911

    Speculation about next WFTO update And Guess the Name of an underlord in campaign

    So the WFTO update before this one had us speculating about what was in the picture so Speculate about what is going to be in the update next week And/OR other things No cheating i.e. if you know you can't post (directed and devs and possibly mozared as well)
  9. mastersam911

    These Headphones/Speakers look cool (Axent Wear)

    Here is link https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/axent-wear-cat-ear-headphones
  10. mastersam911

    Stealth Games with super powers? or Games that allow you to use Air vents

    I was thinking of getting styx but I think i want more powers from the game any ideas of any stealth games with super powers that are relatively new Or games that allow you to go through air vents
  11. mastersam911

    [Underlord/Empire] Empirical

    Name: Empirical Description: A truly unique entity which has managed to become half a empire lord and half of an underlord Gameplay Changes: Is able to attract both empire and Underlord units and have them not fight each other Other peoples opinions/Suggestions go Here:
  12. mastersam911


    Firstly in the suggestions section can we add categories for where suggestions go then we can create an archive per category E.g. Doors, Rooms, Spells, Mechanic. Other (i.e. Forum) 2ndly I hear people saying they want some form of temple So why not add an upgrade to the ritual room and you can...
  13. mastersam911

    Anyone Pre-ordered/Got Destiny?

    I understand that most of you are probably primary PC players however I have PS4 and I have pre-ordered it avidly awaiting it's arrival which should easily fill the time between when I have Destiny to when WFTO gets fully released :D
  14. mastersam911

    [Map] Wormhole

    So the potion Wormhole Brings ALL units back to your own dungeon core So I was thinking of a Map where every two minutes two wormhole's will appear allowing units to jump forward to the other wormhole
  15. mastersam911

    Your personality out of one of the 16?

    Here is the quize you have 7 options per answer middle -agree/disagree - agree more/disagree more - completely agree/disagree http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test Edit: I got INTP Edit 2 Going to make the top list who is in what category for the community ENFJ 1/2 ENTJ 1/2...
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