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  1. Nutter

    Post Victory resistance

    Enemy minions did actually hang around when their owner's dungeon core was destroyed very early on in development. But the reality of what happened was that it let the person who had already destroyed the core capture/imprison the minions and then convert them to their side, further expanding...
  2. Nutter

    Help! Create dynamic spawn party via template lists

    Lists were a kinda last minute addition to the editor (by the devs) at my request, intended for doing this kind of wave based stuff and could quite easily be a bit bugged. You're probably the first person (other than me) to really dive deep into trying to use lists like this.
  3. Nutter

    Help! Create dynamic spawn party via template lists

    If you're making a random "Number" between 0 and 3, it is actually an Int(eger) rather than a number.. which means it is always a whole number that is rounded up (or down, don't remember which), which basically means 0-3 is always 1,2,3 or 0,1,2 (depending if it rounds up or down). It was just...
  4. Nutter

    Help! Create dynamic spawn party via template lists

    Let me just check I understand everything here: You always want one unit to be spawned each time it runs? (Or is it two units ech time) And that one unit can be 1 of 3 different types of unit and should be randomly selected?
  5. Nutter

    May Community Spotlight & Maintenance Update

    You can actually! Give this a try (https://steamworkshopdownloader.io/) just copy and paste the workshop links into that and it'll download them for you ready to drop into your maps folder on the GoG version.
  6. Nutter

    Goodbye, TDMoO.

    Lee has said it better than I can hope to do. But Nathan was a great guy and will be sorely missed by all of us here.
  7. Nutter

    Help! Play Scenario in Multiplayer

    Is it possible you looked in the wrong section? You'd probably need to set the map type to Custom rather than Scenario too otherwise it would only appear in the scenarios list rather than MP maps list.
  8. Nutter

    Download Steam Workshop Maps for my GOG version

    Then no, you can't access maps from the Steam version of the game unless their creator also posts them to the Foundry on here. You would probably be better contacting the person who made the map and asking them to upload it here to the Foundry. Buying on GoG and getting the DRM-Free version...
  9. Nutter

    Download Steam Workshop Maps for my GOG version

    If you have a steam account (and own the game on steam), then in theory this should be possible. You'd need to subscribe to the map on steam, this would cause it to be downloaded and stored on your PC within the WFTO (steam version) folders. You should then be able to copy and paste that file...
  10. Nutter

    Why are there so few traps and defences?

    You are correct in the sense that WFTO doesn't have most of the traps that DK/DK2 had. In addition, it also Constructs which are kinda like traps but work slightly differently, if you're focused purely on things that work as "traps" then WFTO has: Bombard (Similar to Sentry Trap) Bone Chiller...
  11. Nutter

    Does Mendechaus just love mushrooms?

    Whaleshrooms probably, they're kinda like a drug... but way cooler.
  12. Nutter

    Scripting Help

    Eventually, the devs are working on localisation (translating all the MS text - which is a lot of text!) into other languages first then Noontide should be making some video tutorials I believe.
  13. Nutter

    Scripting Help

    Trigger #1 Trigger/Event: OnOwnershipChange (or onFactionChange?) - I forgot the exact name of the trigger Action: SpawnParty (use a number variable to determine which party should be spawned) Trigger #2 (You'll probably actually need multiple copies of this trigger, one for each player)...
  14. Nutter

    Scripting Help

    The reason you can't log into that is presumably because that's the (invite only) Slack chat used by the devs and QA team rather than a public chat.
  15. Nutter

    Scripting Help

    You probably mean the Discord right?
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