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  1. Meshuggly

    Concerns about WFTO

    There have been a ton of sound effects for rooms present for a long time, but looking at your profile I can see you only joined the forum on Sunday. The reason you haven't heard much (recently, for the older guys) is because we had a bug where prop sounds where not playing. This was fixed a...
  2. Meshuggly

    Brainstorming: How to implement Creature Personality

    Unit voices will go a very long way towards addressing this (combat, moods, misc stuff...). Its the one great big ugly gaping hole in the games atmosphere, but we'll slowing be filling that in once we've hashed out the technical side of it.
  3. Meshuggly

    WFTO Wednesday #79: Sights & Sounds

    Enjou gets it. For a game with no single protagonist dude you play as, or huge armies of minions, overly orchestral music just comes out as a bit limp and pretentious (imo). That WIP piece still isn't finished, I'm actually trying to sandwich some guitar in there, and I'll no doubt throw a few...
  4. Meshuggly

    A very serious question about the Bard

    I never need an excuse to get the guitar out!
  5. Meshuggly

    The Druid

    https://wftogame.com/wfto-wednesday-44/ We've already got this on the way, if you're looking for a nature aesthetic :)
  6. Meshuggly

    If you could spilt the forum into different groups

    A Simburgur Filter would be amazing.
  7. Meshuggly

    If you could spilt the forum into different groups

    1. Audio Master Race. 2. You people.
  8. Meshuggly

    FOV preference

    I didn't even know changing it was possible! I'm one of those guys that can't handle FPS games at anything under 90-95, but other genres don't tend to bother me, I've never had any trouble with WFTO so far. Even in possession. Is that also 60?
  9. Meshuggly

    Introduce hazards of mining?

    We often have those at SubTowers, but that's because I have an irritable bowel.
  10. Meshuggly

    Creature Tab

    *Interact? Interracial is what I... nevermind.
  11. Meshuggly

    The Dungeon should to be more "organic" IMO

    If anyone suggests a giant penis dungeon core, just be aware you'll be doing your own sound design...
  12. Meshuggly

    Sketch-a-Game (Image Heavy)

    theHword, I initially thought it was Alyx's ass in Half Life 2, but that isn't it... The clue suggests Remember Me? That had a buttcentric camera angle, right?
  13. Meshuggly

    I think those potions contained steroids.

    I think its case sensitive. (Why am I encouraging this?)
  14. Meshuggly

    WFTO Wednesday #59: Helps to Have a Map

    Thats the old one. The new one is being done from scratch, starting with some new concept art.
  15. Meshuggly

    Nutter's Concept Art Thread

    That candy theme is awesome... brb, cake...
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