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  1. Davetron

    Compiled Hotfix Notes

    It's working this time. Could it have anything to do with having a save from the version before the last hotfix? Once I deleted the savegame, it was fine.
  2. Davetron

    Compiled Hotfix Notes

    I'll try it now. I'll screenshot it if the problem is still there.
  3. Davetron

    Compiled Hotfix Notes

    Campaign level 4 is now, apparently, completely unplayable. The game never registers the fact that you've put an underminer on the flashing tile, even after the brimstone has been blown up.
  4. Davetron

    Mysterious Armored Guy speculation thread

    There's no point in speculating, I know for a fact that this unit is *suddenly, Dave stops typing as a carefully aimed bullet cuts him down. James nods once, satisfied, before melting into the night*
  5. Davetron

    Patch Testing: Bedrock Beta v0.5.0 "Dungeons for Two"

    Quite an amusing thing: I dropped two Skarg into the arena (which is freaking gorgeous, can I just say) and at the first mutual blow, they both rocketed out through the stone wall into the aether. I got them back by tunneling to where they disappeared to. The same thing didn't happen when I...
  6. Davetron

    [Fan-made Lore] The upgraded Beast Den.

    "The twisted minds of the Underlords have, at certain points, been focused on more than just warmongering. When they are given the opportunity to think, they can sometimes figure out how to alter their spawning pits to spew forth more, and stronger, denizens of the Dark. This is why we must NOT...
  7. Davetron

    Patch Testing: Bedrock Beta v0.5.0 "Dungeons for Two"

    The beast den's upgrade are it amazing. Great job!
  8. Davetron

    Another Totalbiscuit thumbs-up.

    In his new video, based on media hype being overblown and potentially misleading, He begins by discussing the upcoming Dungeons 2. This game is being called, in previews "The spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper we've been waiting fifteen years for". Totalbiscuit said that "The ACTUAL spiritual...
  9. Davetron

    Patch Testing: Bedrock Beta v0.5.0 "Dungeons for Two"

    Petition to have "v0id is on a rampage!" added as a random Advisor quote in-game.
  10. Davetron

    Patch Testing: Bedrock Beta v0.5.0 "Dungeons for Two"

    Did the Foundry get a VU? I feel like the foundry looks cooler than it used to.
  11. Davetron

    New version at Patchtesting branch, but no changelog!

    It wasn't a patch, guys. It was just preloading some assets for an upcoming patch.
  12. Davetron

    Potential options menu discussion

    Separate volume sliders for: Ambient noise, Minion noise, Voiceover, controlled actions, and room noises. being able to fully customize the sound levels would be very useful to a lot of people, I think.
  13. Davetron

    E3 2014 What games interested you?

    Pokemon ORAS, Monster Hunter 4U (my GOD I am so hyped for MH4U), Bloodborne and The Division.
  14. Davetron

    A Quality of Life change to the Torture Chamber

    I'm almost certain that this is a planned feature because I could swear that, in earlier builds, clicking on the prop changed a border around it from purple to red and vice/versa, indicating the color of the flame that would erupt.
  15. Davetron

    [Fan-made Lore] The Behemoth and The Eternal

    "As ridiculous as it may seem to anyone who has found themselves in the presence of an Underlord, they actually have a rudimentary religion of sorts. At least, they did, back when they first clawed their way out of the Dark. It seems they used to hold a certain reverence for the twin Gods of...
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