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  1. Emil Hemdal

    Pick up gold similar to the game Black and White 2

    So, playing HoG the third mission took far too long time when you had the gold since clicking on the gold in your coffers to place it in the smelter is tiresome. Suggestion: Make it so that if you hold the left mouse button on a gold stack in your coffers that it starts picking up gold for you...
  2. Emil Hemdal

    Heart of Gold & Patch 1.4 Now Available

    Joking aside, the game runs much better than before and have a few improvements that I thoroughly enjoy!
  3. Emil Hemdal

    When is the next patch coming out?

    Any update? It's really tiring playing the game with all the bugs! Any chance for Private Beta access?
  4. Emil Hemdal

    When is the next patch coming out?

    For real, I can't wait!
  5. Emil Hemdal

    When is the next patch coming out?

    I can't wait for the next patch! Tomorrow it has been 1 month since the last one and with so many fixes being done to the game since then I can't wait to see how the game experience will improve! So when is the next patch coming out?
  6. Emil Hemdal


    Well isn't a good development strategy to fix bugs and performance issues before developing new stuff? I will not recommend the game to anyone unless bugs and performance issues are resolved first. I will even discourage people from buying it if they release the DLC before taking care of bugs...
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