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    Importing maps into editor. Tons of missing IDs

    Another problem I am seeing is when I import a map from the workshop. Theyh come in with tons of missing ID errors. They don't even come close to being able to run. This happens with any map I import. I wanted to use these maps to help me understand some of the things in the editor.
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    Can't tell block selected. They always say (23,3)

    I am trying to learn how to do the scripting editor. It's pretty cool but it still has some issues. Like I have no idea what blocks are selected for any script entity. They always say (23, 3). There is no visual indicator or anything either that I can see. Am I missing something?
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    WHen timer is done, what is "trigger ID" to have an action happen?

    I am confused. I create a timer and when its done it wants a trigger ID. What is that? I trigger is basically the first part of a script right? I can't get anything to work....
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    Will we get more info on the "enhanced skirmish AI" in 2.0?

    Looking forward to 2.0. But we need more stuff on it! What is better with the AI? And can you give more info on the modding support? Thanks
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    Having hard time liking game. Not enough control of creatures

    Hi. So I was a kickstarter for this game. But to be honest I have not played it a whole lot. I don't know if I am not playing right or just oftentimes the game just gets our of control. So firstly, I am talking about skirmish games. And what I mean by out of control is my creatures are...
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    Need more information Skirmish game not ending problem is back, v1.1.22

    Played a skirmish game on map Acrophobia (great map BTW). I defeated the last dungeon core and the game did not end. This bug was killed in prior releases but I am seeing it again here in 1.1.22
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    Completed Skirmish AI seems to shut down still in 1.1.15

    Any ETA on the next minor patch? I'd really like to try out the fix for this, even if its deemed a beta version. Thanks
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    Completed Skirmish AI seems to shut down still in 1.1.15

    Great. I knew something wasn't right. Thanks!
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    Completed Skirmish AI seems to shut down still in 1.1.15

    I played another game of Scorched. New skirmish match. Again the AI came on very strong, specially player 3. He was at my doorstep and I barely fought him back. Player 2 and me were staying about even. Shortly after I fought player 3 back, I noticed he took out player 4 (yet the player 4...
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    WFTO Wednesday #127: Patch 1.1 Now Available!

    Personally I think 1.1 is far better than anything before and should have been released when it did, bugs or not. I am plagued by the reloading saved game issue as mentioned above. Other than that the game is working very good now. Great job.
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    Completed (WFTO-2998) Game not ending when defeating opponent (skirmish)

    Hello. Just played another game, same thing. The map is "Scorched". I have a theory on this. It happens after I reload a saved game. There are other symptoms here I think are all related. I paid pretty close attention this game and this is what I see. Before I saved, I was getting ripped...
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    Completed (WFTO-2998) Game not ending when defeating opponent (skirmish)

    Patch 1.1, I have seen two skirmish games not end after I have won them both or Scorched I think... The 4-player 67x67 map with a bunch of lava.
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    Completed (WFTO-2998) Game not ending when defeating opponent (skirmish)

    I've played two 4-plater skirmish games on patch 1.1. I won them both and they both did not end after I captured all enemy dungeon cores. Also, it seems sometimes when I take a dungeon core, it doesn't give me all the rooms he had. Shouldn't that be the case? Lastly, sometimes a core shows...
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    Imp AI digs dirt far too much, doesn't cap rooms near enough

    Digging dirt gives you sins faster? I will admit I did not know that. Still, it can be overdone, especially digging next to rooms you can easily cap instead.
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