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  1. Crythor

    Share custom content on the Foundry

    I am totally in love with WFTO! I just found this game some month ago and i am having a blast with it. The Crucibels alone will keep me playing for decades. And in general this game is the best Dungeon Keeper like game i have ever played for me in a lot of parts even better! I just wish that you...
  2. Crythor

    Eternal not working as intended or changed?

    Hello, apparently the Eternal shall absorb 90% of the dmg your dungeon core gets which it dosent. I tested it in my Pet Dungeon like this: With an eternal it took 5 lvl 10 gnarlings 57 sec. to kill the dungeon core (eternal and workers other room) Witout an eternal also nothing to interfere...
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