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  1. K

    "Slap" Improvement

    Hello! Its just a minor thing, but something that is sometimes really...annoying. the slapping of minions: As example: the Imp - Its the most valuable unit on start and you want that your imps work faster. So i slap them -> the imp slides away. Than the Problem comes: the slide takes...
  2. K

    Add Empire as playable faction / theme

    And again! how about to add the Empire as Faction? Its more like a new theme like Mira or something. Dungeon Core = Kenos Units Sapper/Dwarfen Worker = Imp Templar = Gnarling Arcanist = Cultist Firebreather = Crackpot Wraith = Disciple Warden = Chunder Priest = Necromancer Inquisitor =...
  3. K

    Add "own units killed" in the statistic

    It would be nice if you can see how many units you lost
  4. K

    Mira mi poder Archievement broken

    Hello! its me again °-° I wanted yesterday to archieve this. But its unable to do this. Did workers count? especially i make it without workers, because i send everyone of them into my dnugeon heart. So i only had my minions to do this. In the enemy area i use heal spells to let them stay...
  5. K

    Changing of the Symbols over the Minions head

    Hello! I had postet it in the false forum. So again here: It would be nice if you have a Button which you can see instantly all levels of your minions. When i am looking over my horde of 60 minions, picking one, i only can change the tooltip time to 0 - but when i only want to see the level very...
  6. K

    Changing of the Symbols over the Minions head

    Hey! It would be Awesome! Especially when you would make the Symbols over the heads smaller. Mostly - when i want to see the level of the minion over their head, i have to wait 5 seconds till it changes to the level. I think it would make it better if it would change faster when you let your...
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