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  1. Cake Machine


    Have we got any straight up (hairy) monsters in this game, we need a monster?!! I think we should give a nod to this guy (see below). I know it is late in the day for these suggestions.
  2. Cake Machine


    Anyone played this? It gets mixed reviews but looks quite fun if a bit limited.
  3. Cake Machine

    RTS RPG with super heroes idea.

    Concept: 3rd person RPG with RTS element. You start by customising a weak, unknown super hero, maybe you want a Batman type or maybe Wolverine is more your style. The game begins in a small sleepy town which only suffers minor amounts of crime (a bit of robbery, bar fights, etc). It is up to...
  4. Cake Machine

    [Game mechanic] - Dust

    I purpose using dust as a efficiency mechanic. Simple put it is a way to see which room are being neglected. Once your dungeon starts to get large and while you are figuring out your play style this could really help. If a room remains empty for a certain amount of time dust begins to appear...
  5. Cake Machine


    Any love for this game? Could somebody please remake this once WFTO is complete? Ok Thanks Bye :)
  6. Cake Machine

    Natural Hazards / Neutral Traps

    I'm not even sure I would want this :) but it could be good for harder settings in single player or as an option that can be turned off. Naturally occurring dangers maybe a better description. Example: Mushrooms Location: Only grow on neutral ground near water Effect : Hallucination Cool...
  7. Cake Machine

    [Trap] The bracelet

    Appearance: See above (what you don't see until activated is the fun bit on the other end) Cost: medium Type: Freeze trap with a twist. Stepping on 'The bracelet' will cause it's sharp metal teeth to snap shut latching on to you, this is only the beginning of your high speed journey. On the...
  8. Cake Machine

    [Trap] Bait

    Appearance: (suggestions please) Cost: the most expensive trap in the game. Can only use one at a time You would not realise you had walked into / past this trap. You would not realise that in doing so you had been covered in a pheromone that attracts a very large and angry beast. You would...
  9. Cake Machine

    [Trap] Ouija

    Appearance - Evil fixed position training dummy. (Not the best image^) Most traps remain camouflaged, invisible, waiting for their prey. The Ouija trap remains in plain view and should be placed in the most obvious of locations. One look upon the Ouija and you fall under its dark magic, you...
  10. Cake Machine

    [Trap] Fools Gold

    This trap produces an endless supply of fake gold. (Short cool down). Enemy imps will waste time mining from it, travelling all the way back to their treasury for nothing. Stupid creatures will steal the gold leading to a delayed unhappiness once they try to spend it later on. It looks the same...
  11. Cake Machine

    What's happening Devs?

    I get the impression the development team has quite a complete idea for this game now. As much as I like suggesting things I think it may be time to ask them where they are stuck. Does any of the development team have any thing they need help and ideas for? If you give us some specific areas to...
  12. Cake Machine

    [Trap] Honey

    Disturbing the Honey trap releases a swarm or hornets that will sting and chase multiple units around a medium distance. Although your own creatures will not trigger the trap, the hornets will attack any creature once disturbed. Small and weak units will be devastated by this trap, even large...
  13. Cake Machine

    [Creature] The Steam Punk

    Some thing like this with a Mo hawk on top **Please note** I am adding this creature to fill the steam punk gap. I am going for a mine layer unit but if you don't like the idea of mines I think this unit could easily be adapted in to a different support role. Highlight: It can lay mines...
  14. Cake Machine

    [Creature] Giant Lava Crab

    Highlight: A powerful ambush creature Faction: Empire / Neutral Type: Beast Role: Melee, blocker, ambush Acquired By: ? Basic Attack: Melee, drag Offensive Power: Strong but slow Defensive Power: High Resistances: lava Movement: fast Work: Hides in lava waiting to ambush prey Entertainment...
  15. Cake Machine

    [creature] Constrictor

    Highlight: A snake that can grow to be very large Faction: Underlord / Neutral Type: Serpent Role: Support fighter Acquired By: Hatchery, water Basic Attack: [Melee/Ranged] Offensive Power: Weak/Moderate Defensive Power: Moderate Resistances: Strong against magic Movement: Slow on land, fast...
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