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  1. Sundagger

    My Pet Dungeon & Patch 1.6 Now Available!

    Replaying from the beginning and lovin' it! :)
  2. Sundagger

    WFTO Statuettes Now Available ( & Kickstarter Coupons)

    Thanks Alistair... Just a quickie.... can the statuette code be used in a combined order with the purchase of the remaining two? (Just to limit shipping costs?)
  3. Sundagger

    WFTO Statuettes Now Available ( & Kickstarter Coupons)

    Still waiting for for mine so am guessing they are still going out... Alistair is sending them manually so may take some time.. I am waiting for clarification from him...
  4. Sundagger

    Post 1.2 Recap & Kickstarter Update

    Well the statue is looking fab... if there are going to be variants, I hope they are not going to be limited production, the one I will get as part of my pledge will just not be enough if there is the possibility of a set :) (says the guy who already has the PS3 special edition of disney...
  5. Sundagger

    V day special on gog.com DK1 for free!!!!

    Got a nice email from GOG about the classic DK free offer... and okay I have like every physical copy of DK going: Dungeon Keeper, Deeper Dungeons, DK collector's edition (essentially DK Gold) and Big Box version of DK 2 (with DK 3 preview vid) and all updates.... But you know... cos GOG is...
  6. Sundagger

    WFTO Wednesday #49: The Shadow

    I got the Babylon 5 feel for this critter aswell... but then, what is wrong with an ancient, interdimensional beast, that thrives on death and destruction... truely out-of-this-world evil ;)
  7. Sundagger

    WFTO Wednesday #45: The Torture Chamber

    Excellent... torture and turn your enemies DK style or roast 'em to release spirits... truly evil :) do the victims drop gold if they are intentionally killed in the same way as the DK prison etc? i.e. Spirit plus gold, is really cashing in on enemy assets ;)
  8. Sundagger

    WFTO Wednesday #43: Two Spooky Four You

    This update is absolutely horrifying.... I LOVE IT!!!!!
  9. Sundagger

    WFTO Wednesday #38: The Rise of Rhaskos

    Like the rocky dungeon core, but then, really like the chained and beating heart as well... hope we are keeping both...:)
  10. Sundagger

    WFTO Wednesday #38: The Rise of Rhaskos

    So what you are telling me is nobody hit the record button.... noooooooo... oh well guess I will just have to play some more....
  11. Sundagger

    WFTO Wednesday #34: A Whole New Underworld!

    Just tried the new build and OMG, totally [email protected]@@ing awesome.... zoomed right in to look at the open books in the library... you can virtually read them, they look THAT GOOD.... and the dungeon core now looks... well frankly the perfect image of a beating (dungeon) heart ...oh for the nuisance of...
  12. Sundagger

    WFTO Wednesday #33: A Brief Update

    I have to say, I don't see an issue with the shortness of this update.... to have Richard Ridings samples for the new game just makes the whole thing seem more real... spiritual successor...nah... WFTO is the sequel DK3 was destined to be... we have just had to wait a long time for it.... but...
  13. Sundagger

    WFTO Wednesday #32: The Necromancer's New Clothes

    The Necromancer is totally awesome... kind of like a Necron Overlord from W40K without all the robotic bits... way cool!
  14. Sundagger

    WFTO Wednesday #28: The Huntress

    She certainly looks the part, ruthless and deadly :) I think I dated her once....
  15. Sundagger

    WFTO Wednesday #27: Doctors and Spirits

    No improvements needed to witch doctor or spirit chamber, both are totally awesome.... having unit/creature boosters in game is a great addition
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