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  1. DjPavlusha

    WftO fan-made wallpapers

    Hey guys! Just dropping in to showcase my little collection of wallpapers for the game we're all here for. Size of all of those is 1920x1080, but if you want another size (or color), just ask. =] Cores (or themes): Mira (blue): Mira (cyan): Mira (green): Mira (red): Mira (white)...
  2. DjPavlusha

    Black color in Skirmish/MP?

    So, we have a selection of 8 colors for MP/Skirmish, that's very nice, I'm glad we have those, but one question I have - why there's no black or dark grey variation? It would fit in nicely with all the "evil" tone, and would be good-looking on 1v1 againgst white player. And some themes would...
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