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  1. AdxUndead

    Adx Maps!

    I wanted to post my maps and now here they are. Most of the maps have impenetrable walls around the main area I understand why it's to force you to work around it, give the areas a most 'real' cavernous feel and to make your experience feel different each time. Well I don't subscribe to that...
  2. AdxUndead

    Under Review join/host issues

    I/my GF and I am playing on two computers. One win 10 (1) one win 7 (2). Both have been set up for hosting and sporadically pass/fail the new port sensor. if she is on comp 1 and I am on comp 2 she can't see or join a game i am hosting (2) but i can always see/join hers' (1). If we both go join...
  3. AdxUndead

    Under Review Start Gold at Zero on new maps

    We are trying to play our map together and I (the joiner) keep starting with 0 cash and when imps deposit the gold they've mined it disappears, same with dropping gold at core. A random I played with 10 hours ago said that he has to leave for that reason too.
  4. AdxUndead

    Under Review Host Lobby text box not displaying

    hey I've played a few MP games today, low wait times for joiners, generally fun times. Then a guy joined my game and i couldn't talk to him. I couldn't see their join notification (don't know if the sound played when he joined either B/C i do the match prep without sound). I wouldn't have known...
  5. AdxUndead

    Seastead Empire expolit VS AI

    As I have practically exhausted one player challenges (1vs2 master SF on Doom is my crowning achievement) I was happy to find seastead was turned into 3 player Empire playable. This is surely a mistake (no dungeon heart or treasury) nether-the-less I wanted to test the limits as to how far 5...
  6. AdxUndead

    New Main screen missing text

    this happened to me twice today after exiting mutilpayer games once at the end and once after leaving the lobby. sry i stuffed up the output thing but I've been told how
  7. AdxUndead

    Port forward awareness

    I've been been having a lot of fun with multi player recently, I sifted though some of the 17k plus members of WFTO to find those in game and found that many people are really keen to play multi player and have tried, failed and moved on. I know...
  8. AdxUndead

    Game edition upgrade

    Is it possible or could you make it possible to upgrade from normal to Underlord edition (for the difference) without buying another more expensive copy?
  9. AdxUndead

    MP Friends on steam (for wfto)

    I'm sure I'm not the only one has a hard time getting Multi Player games, can anyone who feels the same add me steam name Adxundead. and or leave your name if you want the same. Also if there's a list here somewhere please link for me, thanks Live in Australia
  10. AdxUndead

    Revive/Save Multi player!

    This is an awesome game! No if's No buts. My only gripe is this: [be me] I get game 3 weeks ago. Game is totes patched an issue free :) Now feel good enough to play the people! go to multi player. no one is there. create game. wait 5 min. go back to join. none. Make an AI skermish. repeat 2-3...
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