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  1. Lupin

    CRYAMORE! Kickstarter (one of the best intro videos ever)

    Just thought I would throw this one out there for one simple reason. Whilst the game itself sounds like it is going to brilliant, this has quite possibly one of the best Kickstarter video's ever made. It honestly needs to be seen, even if you don't want to donate...
  2. Lupin


    Now, I posted this in the comments section of the Kickstarter, but since we rarely use that now, it makes more sense to do it here. So I ask, will there be cheats in the game? I ask because there are some occasions when you just want to feel like a complete (insert swear word here) and use the...
  3. Lupin

    Cute Animal, Deadly Assassin

    Could there be an animal that is like the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python. Something that is supposed to be cute and harmless, but if anyone get's near it.............., well, I am sure your imagination can do better then any description here.
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