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  1. Kaiosama TLJ

    Help! Some more Scripts I'm having trouble with.

    Spawn Defense VS Build Defense Want to know what's the difference between them. "Spawn Defense" is straightfoward, I have little trouble with it (except one detail, but I'll explain later), but what exactly "Build Defense" does? It replaces already existing defenses on the map instead of...
  2. Kaiosama TLJ

    Help! Timers question

    A small question regarding Timers in the Script Editor: When I create Timers for events in the map, do they all start automatically at the start of the game, or do I need to play them with other triggers?
  3. Kaiosama TLJ

    Meet Underlord Lamash - The Rotting Reaper!

    Wow! I was expecting for a Underlord themed around death, but wasn't expecting this way. Also, I like the design of the Nether Shrine. Worder if her denizens also know how to dance.
  4. Kaiosama TLJ

    2.0 Preview: Map Editor & Mighty Script w/ Updated EULA

    This is looking promising. Although, I have some questions regarding parties: Since the parties are not limited to just the Empire (like I previously thought), how will a party associated with a Underlord react to Rally flags? Will the members also count in the minion population? What will...
  5. Kaiosama TLJ

    Meet Underlord Volta - The Infernal Contraption

    Volta's voice sounds like a german mad scientist. Sweet! Good to see that the next reveal will be about the Map Editor, that's what I'm waiting the most. P.S.: Dunno about you guys, but I have the impression that the next Underlord will have a strong focus on necromancy...
  6. Kaiosama TLJ

    Themes, Remasters & AI

    I Have no Patience, And I Must Wait. References aside, I like the new Sanguine theme for maps. Rhaskos really feel like he came straight from a Lovecraft work with his theme, so I was kind of disappointed that the only gruesome thing about his home realm was the rivers. Really looking foward...
  7. Kaiosama TLJ

    Pixie (Fairy)

    I am a bit skeptical about introducing fairies to the Empire because I don't think they fit the Empire at all. Don't get me wrong, torturing fairies is fitting for a game where you are a evil entity in a dark comedy fashion, but the Empire, while it has the same function of of the goodly Heroes...
  8. Kaiosama TLJ

    Meet Underlord Shale - Chaos Incarnate!

    A huge focus on beasts (and even spawning the variants from the Crucible), and more limited options for traps. Dunno if this is intentional, but Shale looks like a throwback to the first Dungeon Keeper (aside the Moongate of course), where building traps wasn't as organized like in DK2 and WftO...
  9. Kaiosama TLJ

    How About Skins For Minions?

    Actually, I thought about something. One thing that I like aesthetically in War for the Overworld over any Dungeon Keeper is the heroes are pallete-swapped to look more evil if you convert them (but then again, at the time DK was made they didn't had resources/time for that). But since you can...
  10. Kaiosama TLJ

    Empire faction

    Exactly what Biervampir [AUT] said, although I will also add some other details: Even though they do not need sleep, they will still make lairs. I think they sleep only to recover lost health but I'm not sure about that, and I think that if the Empire has access to Workers (due to giving them a...
  11. Kaiosama TLJ

    New Expansion: The Under Games and Patch 2.0 Revealed!

    Was going to suggest a option for Overworld Gateways to spawn parties unless they are claimed/destroyed, and to configure things in a limited scale, since Nutter once said that exposing the whole coding language would be a challenge because it was not user friendly. Also, because I'm kind of...
  12. Kaiosama TLJ

    Announcing Heart of Gold, WFTO's first expansion!

    Now it occured to me that I forgot to ask an important question about this expansion regarding multiplayer. Even though I'm not much a multiplayer guy, I still think I should ask this. Since this update will add 4 new techs to unlock in the three, how this expansion will impact multiplayer? It...
  13. Kaiosama TLJ

    Announcing Heart of Gold, WFTO's first expansion!

    Interesting... One thing that i've noticed on the trailer is that the Empire units look different. Is this how they will look if they are corrupted by Kasita? Or this is the uniform of the dukedom of Phaestus? Oh, and seeing how much people here want to toss money...
  14. Kaiosama TLJ

    When is the next patch coming out?

  15. Kaiosama TLJ

    When is the next patch coming out?

    Like, how much bugs? Ubisoft games on launch level of bugs? Or worse? Oh... That treasure chamber took the phrase "screw the rules, I have money!" on a new level.
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