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  1. Kaiosama TLJ

    Help! Some more Scripts I'm having trouble with.

    Spawn Defense VS Build Defense Want to know what's the difference between them. "Spawn Defense" is straightfoward, I have little trouble with it (except one detail, but I'll explain later), but what exactly "Build Defense" does? It replaces already existing defenses on the map instead of...
  2. Kaiosama TLJ

    Help! Timers question

    A small question regarding Timers in the Script Editor: When I create Timers for events in the map, do they all start automatically at the start of the game, or do I need to play them with other triggers?
  3. Kaiosama TLJ

    Some ideas for new shrines

    As the title says, it's some random ideas that I had for shrines. But the thread is also open for suggestions from you guys. Treasure Shrine Appearance - A really big adorned treasure chest, nuff said. Effect - It serves as a compact vault, the chest in the middle of the shrine can hold up to...
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