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  1. Overlord

    Can I get a reply?

    Hey guys, I have sent several e-mails over the last few months. To the old website and the new one. I am trying to put myself forward to help with the voice acting side of things. I have recorded a special demo for it and everything. The only problem is I can't seem to get a reply and I don't...
  2. Overlord

    Creature Suggestion: Chitter [Low level fighter]

    Chitter (Rat Men) Stats: Health: Low Attack: Low Armour: Below Average Accuracy: Average Agility: High Speed: High Luck: Very Low Recovery Rate: Quick Intelligence: N/A Construction: N/A Training Rate: Fast Training Cost: Cheap Wage: Low Gender: Male Skills: Level 1: Melee Level 4: Squeek...
  3. Overlord

    Creature Suggestion: Witch Doctor [Caster/Researcher]

    Witch Doctor Stats: Health: Low Attack: Very Low Armour: Very Low Accuracy: Very High Agility: High Speed: Average Luck: Above Average Recovery Rate: Average Intelligence: Good Construction: None Training Rate: Average Training Cost: Above Average Wage: Quite High Gender: Male Skills: Level...
  4. Overlord

    Creature: Fire-Bug [Crafter]

    Fire-Bug Stats: Health: Not much health, but hard to hurt. Attack: Low, crafting tools Armour: High - Fire-resistant chittin Accuracy: medium Agility: medium-high: Bug-like reflexes Speed: Attack speed slow, movement speed good Luck: Very low Recovery Rate: Low Intelligence: Low Construction...
  5. Overlord

    My three suggestions...., Chitter, Witch Doctor, Sectoid

    Simple Melee unit: Chitter- My first thought was for a simple Rat-man, needing more numbers to make up for lack of power. A multiplication power could be fun, alone they are at 20% stats but for every extra unit they get an extra 10% each, so 30% each for 2, 110% for 9. Something like that. If...
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