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  1. Jackpot Winner

    New Fog graphics cut-off weirdness

    Windows XP 32-bit, 2GB RAM, Intel E6600 Core 2 Duo, Geforce 8800 GT. I noticed while using Possession in level 8 that some graphics were being obscured by the fog in the distance, namely the health flower sprites, and units with the transparent 'ghost' effect such as the defiled heroes and...
  2. Jackpot Winner

    Completed Ocean on campaign level select only appears when zoomed in

    Windows XP 32-bit, 2GB RAM, Intel E6600 Core 2 Duo, Geforce 8800 GT. This seems like it would have been noticed very quickly but I can't find the 'known issues' thread any more to check, can someone link it to me? This is the full map: By way of example, clicking 'The Breach' requires about...
  3. Jackpot Winner

    Subtitles are incorrect

    After a long absence since the beta I've loaded up 1.2 and it's fantastic, well done guys. I haven't noticed any gameplay bugs per se, but I have seen a few oddments that might need clearing up. The first of which is that the subtitles can be inaccurate. I've only just smashed Underlord Marcus...
  4. Jackpot Winner


    Although I now can't seem to find a citation for this, I'm quite sure that historically in literature, speaking in rhyme would be the mark of evil characters. Bullfrog seemed to reference that by having the Mentor often rhyme in his level introductions and the like in Dungeon Keeper 2. Can we...
  5. Jackpot Winner

    [Multiplayer] Setup time

    Playing RTS games online is a sure way of getting my arse handed to me, and this is doubly so with fifteen year old games with a concentrated community of about five players. So whenever I poked my head onto the multiplayer servers of Dungeon Keeper 2, or Populous: The Beginning, or the like, it...
  6. Jackpot Winner

    Steam Greenlight

    But shortly before that: So why no Greenlight submission yet? It strikes me that if the game was up there already, it would be like the Kickstarter's underlord had found a gem tile. Any plans?
  7. Jackpot Winner

    Evil Genius

    As this is a major influence on WFTO I'm surprised no thread yet! When I first played this game, I really wanted to like it. The style, the humour, the gameplay, the music, everything was fantastic, everything was polished, I thought my Dungeon Keeper cravings could finally be sated but there...
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