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  1. Nachtrae

    Your RPG Character!

    15% Strength, 17% Bloodlust, 35% Intelligence, 47% Spirit, 28% Vitality and 22% Agility! Grand Bishops often have few skills with weapons and they are probably the least physically powerful of all the classes. However, they are by no means the weakest class. In fact, Grand Bishops utilize...
  2. Nachtrae

    Not Dungeon Keeper but Dungeon Keeper...?

    Spirits and vampires will be in the game. EA mythic has been working closely with Subterranean, and they know exactly what they can and cannot do with the game to avoid lawsuits.
  3. Nachtrae

    Nutter's Concept Art Thread

    I tend to only use PNG for images that actually have transparency. The same PNG image is usually larger in size compared to the JPEG equivalent. At least, from what I've observed so far. Just went to find the image you talked about. Pretty good :D
  4. Nachtrae

    Not Dungeon Keeper but Dungeon Keeper...?

    They cannot put in familiar units, because all of those are property of EA. Vampires are still in the work, we have the female equivalent of the Priest, and a Succubus attracted by the torture chamber. I think that's about as close as we will get to DK. Remember, this is a SPIRITUAL successor...
  5. Nachtrae

    Nutter's Concept Art Thread

    True, tablets take some time to get used to. :) I used to draw with the mouse a lot. Anyway, added in the person I'd forgotten! :D Nope. A tiny JPEG it is indeed. Everybody can open those afterall. You want BMP instead? :p
  6. Nachtrae

    Nutter's Concept Art Thread

    A human trapped inside *peers at the drawing* Oh my, I indeed see now that the shadow is human shaped. My apologies for that! ... With a touchpad? You draw with a touchpad?! That's heresy.
  7. Nachtrae

    [Mechanic] When in Possession

    Nah, that wouldn't be necessary. You don't break the minds of your minions afterall. You merely take over for few moments. :)
  8. Nachtrae

    Nutter's Concept Art Thread

    Try playing more with hard edged brushes if you want to make reflection light on fluids. Another way to bring more depth and shadow in something partially transparent, is to have light on both sides is to have light reflect on the inside on the other side of the light source. Example...
  9. Nachtrae

    [Mechanic] When in Possession

    Fear the possessed imp!
  10. Nachtrae


    And all things considered, the money 'given' to us by the state is not a whole lot. Also, keep in mind EVERYTHING you 'get' is a loan. If you graduate within 10 years however, everything you got in the first 4 years is a gift (but only basic levels. Ask for a higher monthly 'payment', and will...
  11. Nachtrae

    Please don't force me

    I personally like cinematics and cutscenes. Occasionally. I believe they have a place in videogames if used correctly. Anyway, that aside, you have to keep in mind the game is in early alpha. Bedrock beta is merely the name of the development stage. The very early builds upon which the rest is...
  12. Nachtrae

    V day special on gog.com DK1 for free!!!!

    Thank you for the headsup! Grabbed it immediately! :D
  13. Nachtrae

    [Forum request] Staff Tags

    Doesn't get paid. Does the thankless kind of work that is essential but at the same time considered for granted. Gets slapped around a lot. Is made fun off. Yep. Imptide sounds about right!
  14. Nachtrae

    WFTO Wednesday #58: The Crackpot & The Cook

    I like the crazy design on that lunatic! :D
  15. Nachtrae

    Horned Reaper statue

    Very very VERY awesome!
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