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    What is the advantage of building separated rooms?

    Your comparison is wrong. If I attack 5 different rooms at once I also have 5 imps at the same time attacking. In a dome it is the same. The only difference: In a dome all my units react at the same time and all defensive traps can shoot at all attacking points at the same time. The dome acts as...
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    What is the advantage of building separated rooms?

    Right now it is making it easier. You place defensive structures into one room, then the enemy just digs into your dungeon from another room. If you have one big dome, the defensive structures can easily fire into all room tiles. Also your own creatures that are normally spread in different...
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    Fortified walls- dig through ?

    I also think that fortified walls should not be able to be dig out by the enemy. Only by special means like explosives. Then also this problem will be smaller: https://forum.subterraneangames.com/threads/what-is-the-advantage-of-building-separated-rooms.7209/#post-75518
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    Minimap confusion when camera is rotated

    I know DK2 also rotated the rectangle, but that doesn't mean it was good. It is really confusing if you want to scroll into a direction but you end up going wrong cause the minimap doesn't fit your current camera rotation. Why isn't the minimap itself rotating? Yes, there will be "black"...
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    What is the advantage of building separated rooms?

    So what is the advantage of building separate rooms instead of building one big sized dome and fill it with different room tiles. There are a lot of positive aspects for building one big dome: All your minions see the enemy at once when they invade It also makes it harder to surprise attack...
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    So much content - I am concerned

    Comparing league with its active controls and only playing 1 unit with trying to organize WFTO with tens of different units and all with 4 spells AND non-direct controls. If every unit type only had 1 ability which could decide the pace of battle it would be better for such a type of game...
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    So much content - I am concerned

    There are so many rooms and so many creatures. Even though you will only take some of them along the game because of the seeds of evil upgrade tree - it makes the game more look like a endless sim alá Roller Coaster, Team Hospital, etc. Not that I don't like those games, and I really loved the...
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    WFTO Wednesday #57: Player Research

    Half of my post got lost... Just one example: The rally flags are on the right of the screen while the minimap is on the left. If I have 5 or more unit groups and I want to reposition them to different regions on the map I have to move the mouse to the left click the minimap position, then all...
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    WFTO Wednesday #57: Player Research

    I am glad you took all that effort! But I am also disappointed, that you still keep the old DK2 layout. Yes, it worked to an extend in the old game. But it was not anything near good.
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    Feedback Request: UI

    What is bad about the UI at the moment? You need a visible border around the terrain / unit / item you are currently hovering over. Instead of colors for gold, mana and veins fo evil points there need to be symbols. Colors alone are not recognizable enough. On a side note veins of evil are not...
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    WFTO Wednesday #52: Super Units

    I hope the Super Units have a time restrain, so you have to carefully think about when to "summon" one and not just anybody has one walking around the dungeons.
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    Dungeon Keeper Online

    So some chinese company bought the rights of dungeon keeper and are releasing a new game called Dungeon Keeper Online. It is a mixture of MMORPG and MMORTS. Here is a trailer (first half shows rpg, second half shows rts)...
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    Fullscreen windowed

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    Level Briefings?

    Who was talking about the map? If you see 1 screenshot of a enemy room, you don't see anything from the map. EDIT: ah now I see the post with the map! Ye I think that's not a good idea.
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    Level Briefings?

    I prefer it simple. A text and somebody who reads it out, together with screenshots of objectives / hints.
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