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  1. Judicator

    Physical rewards? Collectors Edition?

    Mine arrived a few weeks ago, completely forgot to come here LOL. On a side note thanks to another thread I added the games to my humble bundle account. Everything seems OK so far.
  2. Judicator

    Kickstarter Update: Shipping Now

    You guys rock. Thanks.
  3. Judicator

    Physical rewards? Collectors Edition?

    Awesome, thanks.
  4. Judicator

    Physical rewards? Collectors Edition?

    I was wondering the same thing as well, I'm at --- TIER 6: I AM THE COLLECTOR ---. Don't want to pressure you guys, just wondering.
  5. Judicator

    State of the Game 13-04-2015

    Thanks for your commitment.
  6. Judicator

    WFTO Wednesday #49: The Shadow

    I have to say the artist is very good at making dark/horror stuff. I love this kind of things. Congratulations.
  7. Judicator

    any good anime's??

    I liked: Berserk Trigun Serial Experiments Lain Texnholyze Hellsing Monster Gundam rx78 Noein Karas Gungrave Ergo Proxy Speed Grapher Blood: The Last Vampire Blood+ Claymore These are just what Iremember right now. All the titles are mostly old titles but still very good.
  8. Judicator


    Yeah, I know it. It was a good game. I remember it been called the bad side of elite on magazines. It had a nice story, good graphics for the times and it was really immersive. I loved that orange atmosphere the planet had and those canals kinda remembered me (don't insult me please) clockwork...
  9. Judicator

    [Feedback] The Oculus - Like or Dislike the model?

    I like it very much also but I'm biased when it comes to horror contents.
  10. Judicator

    Why is it called Parmesan Cheese anyway?

    Just pointing out that Parmigiano Reggiano is the real, original and protected designation of origin cheese, the one posted by Underlord Laika, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parmigiano-Reggiano. Outside Italy there's the tendency to call a number of products parmesan but they are just bad...
  11. Judicator

    How did you first learn about War for the Overworld

    I'm following this project pretty much since the beginning years ago.
  12. Judicator

    WFTO Wednesday #16

    How not to quote Jobs2k?
  13. Judicator

    The Great Dungeon Heart Controversy Poll

    Latin: (Nominative and Accusative) cŏr? Edit: Fixed latin grammar.
  14. Judicator

    Do you keep your games after you beat them? Why?

    Collector, although not a big one: ~150 games the most part being oldies. I have Just a bunch of DD games most ot them on GOG and a few on Steam, mostly a 2nd copies of some physical titles I already own.
  15. Judicator

    WFTO Wednesday #11

    Mmmm, I don't like impenetrable rock ad gold very much. Ok, they are an abstraction, a metaphor, of what they actually are. IMHO they doesn't seem impenetrable rock, but just earth with some rocks in it. The same goes for gold which usually isn't so clearly visible unless it is in clay soil...
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