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  1. Aedis

    [trap] Soul Prism

    Soul prism levels up when creatures die next to it Level 1 siphons health from target creature visability - permanently invisable (maybe) damage - 2 health every 3 sec (up for debate) possible increase over time mana drain - very low and only when fired Frendly fire - no Note - only one leach...
  2. Aedis

    [creature] Ginger Ninja

    Ginger Ninga - Empire The ultimate in Ginger based combat. Filled with gingerosity this ninja can mow down any creature that stands in his\her way Highlight - super ginger awsomeness Type - Lol killer Aquired by - torture Combat - Melee fighter Offense - High Defense - high Movement - Fast...
  3. Aedis

    [Traps] Mind Bomb

    Name: Mind Bomb Stats Mana cost per shot: a lot Cooldown: 30sec - 1 min Taget: Directional Area of affect Frendly Fire: yes Duration: 10 sec Range: medium (4 - 5 squares lenght 2-3 squares width) Warm up time: 1-2 sec Fixed direction Disables creature interaction Information Target creatures...
  4. Aedis

    [Creature] Dervish

    Calling it a Dervish now Combat Role: Diversion and scout Health: low Attack power: low - med Attack Rate: high Armour: med Speed: High Dungeon Role: Jack-of-all-trades master of none Wage: low work rate: low - average Atracted by: nothing (in essense a free creature) or low tier rooms...
  5. Aedis

    Calapsable Ceilings

    Damn my spelling sucks. This is more of a question from curiosity. Anyway i was wondering if this game would have the abilty to create a wall of earth (breached rooms were one of those things that pissed me off in keeper 2). Think of it as deleteing a room in evil guinus except without...
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