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  1. sorudo

    Post Your Gaming Rig!

    since i have a new PC for about 8 months now, better update mine: windows 7 64-bit intel core 3770 i7 3.4GHz 8 GB ram corsair nvidia geforce 770 GTX 2GB Vram blueray player/burner (not sure about the speed) 2TB HDD + 50GB HDD internal 2TB HDD external (i like to store plenty of data :P ) and...
  2. sorudo


    of all the games, DK1 is the only game i like the dutch translation more. i am used to it, the voice is done right and it makes it easier to play the game. i might understand the english language pretty good but listening it in my own language actually makes it easier, i don't have to think to...
  3. sorudo

    Super smash somethingorothers

    dark mistres -DK hercule - DBZ yoda - star wars neo - the matrix miss lady - devil may cry 3
  4. sorudo

    Ugh... Steam is teasing me...

    well that sucks, good potential and steam gets the better part. how to ruin a game, how indeed.
  5. sorudo

    Steam Trading Cards - Place to Trade

    i never use them but sell them all the same, even got a free game trough selling cards.
  6. sorudo

    Ugh... Steam is teasing me...

    when the game finally gets released it makes steam useless, DRM-free still makes all other methods useless.
  7. sorudo

    Music that sweeps you away.

    my all time favorite, i love this song from the moment it came on the radio. [video]
  8. sorudo

    Creatures you would like to see in a game

    you don't say
  9. sorudo

    Dungeon Keeper is Back!!

    ok, you asked for it although i like this one more.
  10. sorudo

    Dungeon Keeper is Back!!

    that and the next zelda turned out to be quite realistic looking, wind waker was simply an oddball within the zelda franchise. the mobile version of DK is worse because both the mobile version and DKO are cartoony looking, EA pretty much changed a loving universe in to a my little pony version...
  11. sorudo

    Recommend a PC thats CHEAP

    the cost of the part + the porting cost from the US to europe is more expensive then buying it online within my country, that and holland has a 21% tax added to it so....no
  12. sorudo

    What in-game Messages you like to Hear Richard Ridings say?

    "from this view i can see the inside of your nose, you should clean it" payday: "it's payday, better unlock the doors now" "one of your imps stays suspiciously long in the torture chamber, better slap him out of it"
  13. sorudo

    Dungeon Keeper is Back!!

    so we go from this: to this: and EA still wonders why we rather shoot them trough the head?
  14. sorudo

    Most addictive game?

    join the dark side, we have cookies with chocolate sprinkles.
  15. sorudo

    Recommend a PC thats CHEAP

    or the one in your own country, i would never buy one outside my country.
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