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  1. sorudo

    [mechanic] ghost view

    in DK1 and DK2 we can simply take a creature and move around, this simply makes some things really dangerous because you're risking one creature to be killed. however, plenty of players would like to explore without being in constant danger, so i was thinking about a system that might work...
  2. sorudo

    gta/sr PVE mmo?

    i have bin searching for about 3 months now and still can't find any good one, i am searching for a game like GTA or saints row but in MMO form and PvE. i have already looked up some mmo's like APB, gunz and the likes but they are all pretty much PvP based. my ideal street MMO is one from...
  3. sorudo

    press [space] to continue

    if there is one thing i find annoying about DK2 is the part where you are pretty much forced out of your dungeon when you got the crystal, i love that about DK1 where i can continue to find secrets out there before i continue. WftO really needs this, it's just better to kill the overlord and...
  4. sorudo

    [Creature] blood wolf

    i was looking around on google pictures and found an idea that might be a perfect fit for this game. name: blood wolf special aspect: is territorial size: the same as the hellhound in DK1 reference picture: health: really high armor: low special ability: is not effected by spike traps or...
  5. sorudo

    feature list of my dream

    everyone has this, they see a game and just love to play it. the problem here is that it often results with disappointments, frankly i want to prevent that. so here is a list of things i really want to see, they might already be planned, some are already in ether or both DK games but i just need...
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