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    Developer Response Replay Suggestion

    When hitting the replay button, instead of restarting the map immediately, have the screen progress to the map setup screen, so that it would be easier to change position, themes, AI level, etc., instead of having to start over from the map menu screen.
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    Developer Response Some Post 2.0 Suggestions

    Not in any order : 1. The ability to place neutral (with the option to make those claimed either reclaimable or destructible ) moongates in the Map Editor (The Moongate Shrines are great, but placing hidden neutral moongates would be useful as well) 2. an option in the Map Editor to paint...
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    crucible changes

    Thanks to the developers for whatever changes you've made with the latest update. The Crucible is once again playable. Before this latest update, I had just about given up with playing the mode again.
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    Fortuitous Map Editor Glitch

    I was working in the map editor, and had an unusual glitch occur. I was able to create a Neutral Dungeon Core on a single player map. I have since made two maps utilizing this map editor error, but have not been able to duplicate the glitch on a new map. When I import the original map, and...
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    Missing Themes?

    I was just wondering if it is normal to have themes available in the Map Editor that are not available in game? In the map editor, I noticed I have the Founders Theme, Dark Arcane, and the Kickstarter theme available, but when I load a map, with a request from the creator to use the Kickstarter...
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    Oddness since the most recent update

    I've noticed a couple things that are odd since the most recent update. First, I noticed in the Crucible, that deaths, destruction of enemies, etc., leaves lingering images of what appear to be glowing balls, that remain throughout the game. Second, on a skirmish map I just played, converted...
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    Something for the Crucible

    I've been playing the GoG version of the game, trying to get all my achievements duplicated from the Steam version, and I have gotten everything, except the wave 75 achievement in the Crucible. I find this mode to be very frustrating, and the feedback I have received from some others has not...
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    Some Crucible issues

    I've recently gone back into the Crucible, palying the GoG version, to get the achievements, and I've noticed two odd things. The first is-- at certain times, the Augre will not activate a Garrison, no matter how many time I drop him near it, and I've dropped multiple Augres as well, to no...
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    GoG missing dlc

    I've purchased three dlcs for the GoG version, and just got the Underlord edition yesterday. I went in to play My Pet Dungeon, and it was fine. However, today, all three dlcs are missing in the game. I also posted this to the GoG forum.
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    Weird worker behavior

    I was playing a user map, so I do not know if this is a bug or not. Workers on this map would go to a Vault, or the Dungeon Core, I am assuming with gold, and would get stuck in a continuing loop that looked like they were depositing the same gold over and over again, in the same spot. I would...
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    Achievements-Playing with GoG

    I'm kind of confused. I thought achievements were not carrying over from Steam. I just finished my first plays on the first two levels of Heart of Gold, and when I checked my stats, I found the My Pet Dungeon themes already unlocked, even though I have not repurchased the DLC yet through GoG...
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    Playing GOG version from the beginning

    I just downloaded and started playing the gog version, as a replay of the campaign. I noticed that on level 3?, the chasms surrounding Lord O'Theland's keep shows as a pinkish purplish void. The same void/color shows up once the level is completed as well.
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    Weirdness on an overburdened map

    I was trying to play a user map, and reached the point where I had to lower my resolution to get a decent frame rate, but workers weren't responding, and rooms turned into black holes, and all my gold just went to 0, for no reason. Is this a bug, or was the map simply too much to my system to...
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    Claimed Rooms

    I can't remember if I have brought this up before, but I've been working on some maps, all with variations of room claiming, without the ability to build rooms set in Mutators. It appears that all rooms can be used with the exception of the Alchemy Lab and the Sanctuary/Ritual Room. These two...
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    On Titans

    How about an option on maps that have Titans disallowed overall , to have a Titan Artifact made available, which would allow a Titan to be summoned, but only one time? The Artifact could be set by the map creator as to which Titan is summoned, or perhaps optionally, left to random choice.
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