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  1. SilentJet

    Mac Crash Glitch

    I've been playing the game a little bit since it became available on Mac and found n interesting problem. When I "Command+Q" to quit out of the game it causes my entire system to freeze up. The only way to get it out of the freeze is to do a hard shut-down (hold down the power button until the...
  2. SilentJet

    [Mechanics] Wall Rebuilding

    Wall Rebuilding You work obsessively for a few hours in sandbox mode to make your dungeon look exactly the way you want, and then BAM, some friggin' dwarf or whatever digs a hole into your dungeon destroying a wheel in your torture chamber, or giving your prisoners a view of lava you didn't...
  3. SilentJet

    [Room] Dirt Pit

    Rhys-Arnold is actually the one that came up with this idea, but I liked it so much I immediately made this post. Room: Dirt Pit Size: 3x3 Cost: 200 gold per square Purpose: Room is for holding all the dirt that the imps dig out to make your tunnels. Digging can still occur without this...
  4. SilentJet

    Clock on HUD

    I just realized there were many times I got caught up playing DK2 very late into the night because I'd lose track of time and didn't know how late it was. Would it be possible to have a clock on the interface? Perhaps placed in a corner of the screen so it doesn't interfere with gameplay, but...
  5. SilentJet

    Best Worst Movie of all Time

    Someone said somewhere on the forums that "The Room" was the best worst movie of all time. To which I must ask, have you seen "Black Sheep" (and no, not the Chris Farley version, the one with actual sheep). The sheep bite you and you turn into a weresheep? And then there is the true best of...
  6. SilentJet

    Pre-Alpha bugs

    Figured it'd be neat to combine all the weird/fun things we find in one place. Imps ignore reinforced walls in order to go through them and dig out unclaimed walls. They don't capture tiles though, since they are not touching other tiles. I found this fun one: Unlimited Imps! I had maxed...
  7. SilentJet

    Playable Showcase controls

    Hi everyone, Super excited for WftO, and I've been trying to get around in the Playable Showcase, but the mouse is so super sensitive that I can't even follow any of the imps that are walking around without accidentaly turning backwards. Is there a way to turn the mouse sensitivity down in...
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