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  1. thomasagray

    [Mechanic] Creatures Dying vs Falling Unconscious

    While in Dungeon Keeper a creature dies when health is depleted, and Dungeon Keeper 2 a creature falls unconscious when out of health and dies if not recovered in time, I believe that WFTO should take a compromise between those two: When a creature runs out of health, it will either by chance...
  2. thomasagray

    [Summoned Ultimate Creature] Avatar of Ares

    Creature Name: Avatar of Ares Description/Preface: Before the rise of the empire, people in the realm have worshipped many gods of Greek Mythology. One of them was Ares, the god of war. He reveled in the death, bloodshed, and destruction of warfare. The people have been fighting for centuries...
  3. thomasagray

    [Empire Unit] Hoplite

    Name: Hoplite Description/Preface: Before the Empire even existed, a militaristic nation employed soldiers who fought in a phalanx formation, a formation that crushed foes in front of them with a wall of spears. The soldiers in the back of the phalanx held their spears upward to help deflect...
  4. thomasagray

    Creature and Hero and other suggestions

    I have an idea for a few new creatures and heroes to be added: Underlord Creatures: Orc Grunt: a brutish and tough warrior armed with a battle axe that is slow but powerful Assassin: a quick moving creature that is armed with deadly daggers, can go invisible (hitting a target while invisible...
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