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    Wicked Ones Releases & End of 2020 Community Spotlight

    That's awesome but I kinda want to see what you guys are working on, where you are at in development and test and provide feedback. Some of my favorite games such as Satisfactory are still in development yet also playable regularly engages with their fans. Many other games that I am most...
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    Wicked Ones Releases & End of 2020 Community Spotlight

    So it's 2021!!! and with all the shit going on, I could use some exciting news to give me a reason to continue living. When are you guys planning on revealing your next game? Is it going to be crowdfunded like WFTO?
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    Studio Updates & Q3 2020 Community Spotlight

    Is there a feature that would allow me to smack them so they work faster?
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    New decade, new experiences!

    I am really looking forward to a WFTO 2 with larger, possibly 3D maps and a more advanced physics system and more intricate environments. I know the devs haven't announced their next project or the WFTO successor yet, but I am hoping for some exciting news coming soon. What do you guys or...
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    So any chance we will get a Tesla version of WFTO?

    Assuming Elon is serious, so am I. Don't be a jerk.
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    Why hasn't there been any new updates in over 4 months?

    And this forum is has been pretty much dead for just as long. I hope you will start to tease your next game soon. Just a reminder... "You can make any game you want so long as it is WFTO" - The WFTO community.
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    Brightrock Games is Three Years Old!

    So when are you guys going to show off your next game or is that still years away?
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    Scripting Help

    Thanks! Is there going to be any kind of in depth tutorials on MightyScript?
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    Scripting Help

    Which I thought I had access to since I am/was a beta tester. Nevermind that, can you please help me with what was asked in my original post?
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    Scripting Help

    https://brightrockgamespublic.slack.com/ Slack not Slacker. You guys still using this?
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    Viewed by Developer False rock

    I know the game is complete but I would like to see a rock tile that looks like normal rock and say it is impenetrable and can not be selected for excavation but can actually be dug out if custom conditions are met in mighty script or in possession mode. This false rock tile would also do what...
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    Scripting Help

    Is Brightrock still using Slacker because I cannot seem to log into it? Also are there any in depth tutorial on Mighty script yet. I am have a hard time learning it. Anyway I have an underhill map and I want to make it so that every time an underlord claims or reclaims an underhill, an empire...
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    DLC question.

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    DLC question.

    You did not answer my question!
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