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  1. chaoseater

    Published Deep Deep Down co op

    Welcome Underlords the time has come for you to rip the Empire from this realm. You will need to work togther to over come you foes but this realm can only be ruled by one. But for now work togther for that prize some of the Empire troops have gone free lance and are waiting for a new lord...
  2. chaoseater

    Published Silver Plate

    So i have only just found out about this part of the forum haha but here is my map http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=575815997 1.5 Update -Added more gold to the map to fill in the dirt (Thank you to Nutter) -Added a room that can be found and taken -Added spacer When...
  3. chaoseater

    Trophy Points

    i just wanted to no how can you tell whats ones you have when you look at the full list i no the small list shows you half of them but when i go into the full list some are grayed out and some are white its abit hard to tell if the white ones are the ones you dont have then somthing wrong being...
  4. chaoseater

    Airsoft weekender

    Hello for anyone who airsofts and you dont no about the big event thats coming up i think your love it im going plus 4 of my other friends plus the 1400+ people heres the link to there site http://www.nationalairsoftevent.com/NAE2013/Main.html
  5. chaoseater

    DK 1 or 2 online play

    anyone still do this at all as a kid dail up was about and i really dint no about internet stuff XD i have seen people using hamachi but is there any other way would be cool to get some online DK going
  6. chaoseater

    (Game Play)Room Building

    ok so i think this comes into game play so here it is when you go over walls you get the pick axe right well when building room why not have a hammer that comes up i no its not a big thing but would look cool :)
  7. chaoseater


    Anyone going this year my first time going down with some friends from a LAN i help run
  8. chaoseater

    eSpark LAN party's

    Hello all this is a LAN that im staff of witch is based in england milton keynes we just had our 3rd LAN and where getting bigger we had about 20 people show and are now opening spaces up for up to 30 people thay run every month so if anyone lives close i would go check it out tell them Staff...
  9. chaoseater

    Youtube SpotLight

    Hello guys as some of you no i made a spotlight of the game on my channle about 2 weeks ago i think it was. Well im making a updated one for you with all the detales of your kick starter and demo and all your links will be in there to i am also going to e mail some youtubers that i no from the...
  10. chaoseater


    Name: plague door Durability:Take's medium damge Information:The plague door is a unholy door that will disease who ever hits it making there death slow and painfull as long as its being hit the duration of the plague will keep resetting once the door is destoryed the plague will last for...
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