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  1. FendiBull

    Streaming and Upload YT Video

    Are any of you folks going to stream War for the Overworld on the Launch day? I think I may going to record my gameplay offline on Youtube during the launch day/2nd April as a celebration of releasing the game. I think this would be a perfect way and day to gain publicity for the game, I'm sure...
  2. FendiBull

    Quake Live is Live.

    Ladies and gentleman, Quake Live is Live on steam on 4PM Eastern Time/4am Malaysia Time. Hopefully we could get together and play this beautiful classic game again.
  3. FendiBull

    The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing and Sequel

    Anyone remember playing this ARPG game last year? I really love it, I like the complicated stuff that they add into the game, For me and my opinion this have to be the best 8th Video Game Generation ARPG ever, after Diablo and Torchlight. I was a little disappoint with the level cap on 30. But...
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