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    Map editor suggestions

    Add uncapturable flag to unit right click menu show perception shrine radius show garrison radius There is no need for particle fx in editor when replacing tiles. It slows down map making. allow to resize map when importing make artifacts placed on archive lectern already researched Allow mana...
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    Enemy doors are infinite source of experience because of autorepair. So amount of exp units get from them should be limited. Add key modifier that will make camera zoom and pan twice as fast. Allow augre and juggernaut to deactivate enemy garrison. Pan camera to next impasse flag when you right...
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    Few interface ideas - prison, creature tab, level selection screen in My Pet Dungeon

    1. You can drop your prisoners directly on crypt if you need ghouls. But prison lock still can be useful in some situations. 2. It definitely would be better if instead of autoscrolling you could scroll it with mouse wheel. 3. Agreed. There should be information about achievements.
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    Workshop map location

    Where are workshop maps stored locally?
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    [Map editor] Copy and paste

    Of course I mean tiles selected by clicking and dragging your mouse.
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    Forwards to 2018!

    What new map editor features are planned for v2.0?
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    Changing empire theme

    There is no workaround for this. You can't change empire theme when importing a map.
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    Changing empire theme

    Allow to change empire theme in the map editor. Now you can choose it only when you create a new map.
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    Hotkey to drop all creatures from the hand

    I got it now. Thanks.
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    Hotkey to drop all creatures from the hand

    Ctrl + Right Click drops one creature at a time, like regular right click.
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    Hotkey to drop all creatures from the hand

    So, I press Ctrl and left click when my hand is hovering over what?
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    Make everything researchable

    If you are worried about balance in MP games, then there should be different VoE tree for custom SP maps.
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    Hotkey to drop all creatures from the hand

    You mean left click + Ctrl ?
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    Make everything researchable

    Make every room, spell, defence, construct researchable. This will give map makers more freedom when creating 1 player maps.
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    Hotkey to drop all creatures from the hand

    You can pick up 10 creatures by pressing ctrl and clicking on them in units tab, but there is no hotkey to drop every creature from your hand.
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