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    problem with certain user maps

    when i went into the editor for one of affected maps, it was set to 50%, though. When I put it to 100% and saved a copy the map was running normally- I had told the map creator about this issue--these scenario maps he made were all running almost too slow to play
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    Undergames replay

    I decided to replay the undergames, with the graphics upgrade, but even with resetting my progress, I can not a new start--the game opens the first map already completed from my prior play.
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    problem with certain user maps

    I finally found the problem with these maps--contacting the map creator--he had the game speed set up for the scenario maps was set to 50%
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    problem with certain user maps

    There is a map creator called profithoernchen in the Steam Workshop, who has provided several maps. His three most recent maps have an issue . I noticed on the most recent map that even the game clock is running very slowly. These maps are nearly unplayable due to incredibly slow play...
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    Steam workshop Anniversary Download?

    When I went to start the game tonight, there was this large download, and Steam indicated it was some sort of anniversay download. So what is it, and how has the game changed, if at all. thanks
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    Developer Response Replay Suggestion

    Thanks for responding.
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    Developer Response Replay Suggestion

    When hitting the replay button, instead of restarting the map immediately, have the screen progress to the map setup screen, so that it would be easier to change position, themes, AI level, etc., instead of having to start over from the map menu screen.
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    Developer Response Some Post 2.0 Suggestions

    thanks for responding
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    Developer Response Some Post 2.0 Suggestions

    Not in any order : 1. The ability to place neutral (with the option to make those claimed either reclaimable or destructible ) moongates in the Map Editor (The Moongate Shrines are great, but placing hidden neutral moongates would be useful as well) 2. an option in the Map Editor to paint...
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    Heart Of Gold mission 2 I can not put a bomb

    In order to place an outpost, you must first use prophecy on the area, and place the outpost construct before the prophecy spell fades out.
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    crucible changes

    Thanks to the developers for whatever changes you've made with the latest update. The Crucible is once again playable. Before this latest update, I had just about given up with playing the mode again.
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    Published The Beast Lords

    Wbbernever1 has given me some good advice over time, and one thing he mentioned that causes lag (lots of lava will do it too) is that if there are wandering units without lairs and slaughterpens, lag will be a problem
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    Help! AI behavior summary anywhere?

    The only way I have found to do this is to build a beast den on the map for the player, and disallow it in the Mutators. Unfortunately, you also cannot allow the first player to upgrade the den with this method.
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    Fortuitous Map Editor Glitch

    I was working in the map editor, and had an unusual glitch occur. I was able to create a Neutral Dungeon Core on a single player map. I have since made two maps utilizing this map editor error, but have not been able to duplicate the glitch on a new map. When I import the original map, and...
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    [Map editor] Copy and paste

    I think what he may be referring to, would be the ability to just select, for example, a group of tiles created as a particular room or corridor, or whatever, and the ability to copy it, and paste it anywhere on the map. if you create something, and decide it needs to be moved over by a tile or...
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