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  1. Noontide

    Patch 2.1

    Patch 2.1 “Deeper Darker Dungeons” Release Notes Darkest Greetings Underlord, As promised a mere 11 days ago we have returned to this realm, dragging a surprise War for the Overworld patch kicking and screaming from the depths. This patch is a special one as it celebrates, somewhat belatedly...
  2. Noontide

    Introducing Cult of Duty & WFTO Patch 4.1

    Rarest Greetings Underlords, Once again, we pop out from the dingy depths of our caverns and gaze upwards towards the untarnished and needlessly fungible Overworld! The surfacers’ schemes bring them ever closer to ruin, and we must merely wait until their weaknesses crumble their world down to...
  3. Noontide

    Help! Multiple problems with MightyScript

    Oh and the UI not loading issue we're actively looking into :D
  4. Noontide

    Help! Multiple problems with MightyScript

    Hi Erke, So very quickly I've not tried out your maps yet or looked at your editor files. There's a few things I can answer immediately: Sappers cannot claim tiles, only workers can so that's just a feature. Give the empire some workers and they'll claim and forify as normal. I replied to...
  5. Noontide

    Patch 2.0.8 Release Notes

    War for the Overworld v2.0.8: “Erroneously Encountered Excavations” Release Notes Patch Highlights Engine Update & Major Crash Fix Last year we began receiving reports that the game was instantly crashing upon launch on certain PCs. Upon investigation we found that this issue affected all...
  6. Noontide

    Steam workshop Anniversary Download?

    Likely just a workshop user updating their workshop map. If it ever indicates the workshop it's never anything for the base game only user generated content.
  7. Noontide

    Does Brightrock Games have an official Discord?

    Yup we do! It's linked on the main game page and via the main menus on the game itself. I can probably add a node on here, this forum is long overdue a bit of an overhaul anyway but we're just letting it idle while we work on the next game. Hoping to give it a bit of love come the announcement...
  8. Noontide


    Haha well thanks for checking in year after year. It's always my favourite thing to do even if it often comes down to the wire. Perhaps next year will be a year of change though we'll see.
  9. Noontide


    I knew we could count on you! You won't be disappointed.
  10. Noontide


    Most Overdue Greetings Underlord, It has been some time since we shared news from within the fortified walls of the Brightrock foundry but for good reason! Our Augres have been hard at work crafting the true form of Project: Aftercare and it is the thing you’d least expect… That’s right...
  11. Noontide

    Wicked Ones Releases & End of 2020 Community Spotlight

    There's currently no plans to crowdfund. When we come to show things off to you then we'd be sharing a much more progressed product than WFTO was throughout much of its lifecycle haha :D
  12. Noontide

    Wicked Ones Releases & End of 2020 Community Spotlight

    End of 2020 Community Spotlight & Wicked Ones Release Darkest greetings Underlords, Through the darkest of tunnels we can see a light flickering at the end, not a mere torchlight but one of blazing radiance. With the last hours of the cursed year 2020 quickly fading we hope that our message...
  13. Noontide

    Game crashes after spash screen on Intel Xe Graphics

    Then I'd say there's a good chance you're in the affected hardware range. 10th Gen Intel Mobile CPUs are the common factor in this issue, there's no long term solution currently though we're going to investigate as soon as our coders are freed up. You can read about it in this KB Article. For...
  14. Noontide

    Game crashes after spash screen on Intel Xe Graphics

    Hi Dunestorm, Sorry I missed this post. We've actually become aware of this in the last few months when these chips made the market. There's a workaround that we've confirmed works with some users and bizarrely it is simply to disconnect from the internet while you play WFTO. What's strange is...
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