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  1. goo blaster

    Can anyone tell me what happened in the ending?/Ending discussion[SPOILERS]

    My game bugged out and I didn't manage to see half of the end cut scene, curious if anyone else can fully explain it. I missed all the ending cut scenes for the last 3 missions of the game as well because it crashed upon finishing them. Luckily upon restarting it said I completed the level, so...
  2. goo blaster

    Mission 11 Help

    If any of you have made it this far(I heard level 10 is incomplete able to a lot of people because of lag) how the hell do you beat her? I set up beasts, beastmasters, and gnarlings as fast as possible, and before I can level them at all she just busts in through the wall with level 3-5 units...
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