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  1. Slichizard

    not quite a bug

    Maybe he is a dwarf behind that armor.
  2. Slichizard

    not quite a bug

    Maybe Highguard just has his eyes on the prize? Would explain why he's view is centered on that area.
  3. Slichizard

    problem with certain user maps

    This is a bug then because it makes no sense to set a custom speed during map making. Feel free to report it.
  4. Slichizard

    problem with certain user maps

    Game speed can not be set by map editor. Setting the game speed to half also slows down the entire action. It may reduce the load on CPU but as the result, the game will be running twice as slow.
  5. Slichizard

    problem with certain user maps

    Highly likely there is issue with pathing or units can't satisfy their needs. This is especially noticeable with large amount of Empire Units who can't make lair, reach the tavern or get gold as payment.
  6. Slichizard

    Mutilators for different players

    Yes, it's called Faction Modifiers in scripts.
  7. Slichizard

    Bloody Pop-up's when playing skirmish levels

    You are playing a Legacy map which features old AI which was using the chat box. If you want to get rid of it, you need to import the map into editor and change it's type inside Map's Options from Legacy to Deathmatch if it does not have any scripts or to Scenario if it has some. This will make...
  8. Slichizard

    Up dates

    While updates probably won't happen, Map making scene is still sorta active with some good maps being published on Workshop. Steam WFTO Workshop <= This is the link to the workshop. Even if you don't have control over your account of have trouble with steam, you can still open it in the...
  9. Slichizard

    QA Response Post Victory resistance

    Currently doable with custom triggers and mutators. Likely won't happen in normal maps.
  10. Slichizard


    You should visit steam forums more often. Unfortunately this one, despite being official is currently pretty much dead. You can find new cool maps in Steam Workshop and discuss them with others or maybe the author of content self too.
  11. Slichizard

    Master AI in Pet Dungeon mode

    You probably won't find many, but good luck searching in Steam Workshop. Master AI requires some additional scripting which many map makers aren't aware off. You can manually do that by importing their work and adding bunch of scripts. Unfortunately, importing other people's work results into...
  12. Slichizard

    Gog users will be disappointed

    GoG users can get custom content from here . You just need to download stuff and put it into your WFTO steam folder. There should be a guide for it somewhere as well. Do note that Workshop is Steam exclusive. GoG users sadly will get content only by downloading from Foundry Section. Also many...
  13. Slichizard

    Story Driven Campaign Rise of Overseers 2 : Clash of Gods. Enchanted Edition - Bug Fix Update

    Additional scripting for potential shield removal problem.
  14. Slichizard

    Story Driven Campaign Rise of Overseers 2 : Clash of Gods. Enchanted Edition Version 1.1

    A new threat over the horizon, seeking for retribution and posing danger to the existence of all Underlords in Underworld has finally made it's move. A group of rogue Overseers, members of Golden Cult, led by mysterious Overseer who eluded the gaze of God of Chaos are now nearling the completion...
  15. Slichizard

    Story Driven Campaign True Mystical Journey Campaign. Version 2.0. - Upgrade to Enhanced Edition.

    Updated current version to Enhanced Edition. 1. Redesigned and tweaked every level. Some received visual improvements. Every level got content changes. 2. Fixed visual errors missed during previous revision. Introducing Brand New 4 Stages of Difficulty. You can choose between Easy, Normal...
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