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    Horned Reaper in DK2 Vs DK1

    Why did they removed the SHARPPPP pointly row of teeth in the DK1 horned reaper with the pathetic HUGEEE CHIN version? seriously. If there was a DK3, would you prefer the one with sharp teeth back or the one with the big chin?
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    When be a good time to buy gaem?

    Alright thanks, I'm glad to hear that through such hard work, while on bread and water alone, the development team as managed to kill the biggest and worst bugs in the current live gaem.
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    When be a good time to buy gaem?

    Yeah, I figure there isn't based on some videos I seen. I always assume it MIGHT be the goal of the development team, in a few eternity, since that was the end of DK2. I just wanted to share how I imagined the sequel to DK3 to be like lol.
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    When be a good time to buy gaem?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to say the development team is amazing. I appreciate your hard work and struggle buying bread to feed yourselves while working and surviving on such small finances. I remember being a little boy no more 9 or 12 years old playing Dungeon Keeper 1. Twas amazing time. I...
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