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  1. [DD]CR0NO

    (no facebook game) Dungeon keeper 1 for free! Check topic!

    One of those rare times when EA gets it right! Check the legit link for free dungeon keeper 1 https://www.origin.com/nld/en-us/store/free-games/on-the-house (also for eu and other places around the world, just login 2 origin) Greets Crono
  2. [DD]CR0NO

    Patch 1.5 (survival mode?)

    First of all, great patch 1.4! Epicley good! Also the DLC Heart of Gold is allot of fun and gives many hours of playtime! Well worth the money (for those that need to buy it). But even tho patch 1.4 has just been released, i got to ask when you guys think patch 1.5 might be released in the...
  3. [DD]CR0NO

    Workshop/Mapeditor: Link maps together (costum campaigns)

    Workshop/Mapeditor: Link maps together (costum campaigns) I come across allot of great costum maps in the workshop that have sequels or are bound together by a costum story! But you have to subscribe to each map before you can play the entire costum campaign. It would be great to see a option...
  4. [DD]CR0NO

    Spell: "Overgrown"

    A suggestion for a new spell! Overgrown: Overgrown: Use this spell to overgrow your unit to monster size to overpower your enemy's for a short time. Specs ingame: -Mana cost around 500 or 400. -Modelsize of unit is doubled (or bigger) until spells wears off. -HP is doubled until spells...
  5. [DD]CR0NO

    The old underworld.

    The old underworld. _______________________________________________ Story: Beware keeper, the old underworld is a world more dead then alive. So you should feel right at home. Just know there are still weakly hero's wondering around these parts for treasure and gold. They should appose no...
  6. [DD]CR0NO

    Castle Halmsphire

    Castle Halmsphire Story: Prepare underlords, to take over the empire's castle. Castle Halmsphire is full of goody civillians and hero's. This castle will not be easily overtaken. Make sure you have your dungeon up and running before attacking this goodly castle with all its treasure and gold...
  7. [DD]CR0NO

    The old bridge of horror.

    The old bridge of horror. - 2 Player, versus map - (Funny) one bridge warfare - Lot of units (4 portals) - Some parts of the bridge are indestructible, some can be destroyed and rebuild. - Secrets added - Traps - Overall classic all out warfare on (almost) platform level...
  8. [DD]CR0NO

    Alcatroz Prison

    1 Player scenario map Alcatroz Prison: - Break out of jail - Destroy the emperor forces - Destroy the hostile underlord (attacking the emperor) - Secrets - Bosses - Beautifull map layout - And much more! Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=598797702
  9. [DD]CR0NO

    Completed WFTO Menu is unusable and extremly slow.

    Hi i am a big fan of WFTO but sadly after the latest hotfix(es). The game has become unplayable. The WFTO menu is really slow, and clicking on buttons doesn't do anything! Have to alt+f4 out of the game. Game cache is 100% correct! My pc is strong enough to run the game in high graphics. That...
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