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  1. SamonDje

    Steam workshop Anniversary Download?

    It's nothing, just ignore it.
  2. SamonDje

    Undergames replay

    So how's it going?
  3. SamonDje

    What are your Favorite Free Games?

    Star Wars: The Old Republic and RuneScape 3 !!!
  4. SamonDje

    What games are you nostalgic for?

    For me, it's WoW Classic, I think it's the absolute peak of World of Warcraft gameplay-wise.
  5. SamonDje

    problem with certain user maps

    Yeah! My game is running really slow!! Don't know what to do
  6. SamonDje

    Just started replaying this game and having a blast :)

    I agree with you, it does not have a competitive RTS.
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