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  1. Pyle

    It's been a while.

    Just please, release the game on its full glory, unlike those Ubisoft recent releases.
  2. Pyle

    WFTO Wednesday #58: The Crackpot & The Cook

    Cool, can't wait to see it implemented into game
  3. Pyle


    Yeah, you are right, I played it for like 25 minutes, then all of my interest dissapeared. Maybe it's because of its current state, because it lacks content. Im going to give it another try later, maybe after couple more updates.
  4. Pyle


    I've just received a beta key, gonna try this out.
  5. Pyle


    Nether is a FPS survival MMO, here's the gameplay
  6. Pyle


    Hi guys, just wondering, have you ever tried Nether, what's your thoughts? P.S. Does anyone have any guest key to spare?
  7. Pyle

    WFTO Wednesday #48: The Garrison

    Maps are looking great by far! I love lava that are implemented in those maps (minimalistic, but still cool). I hope there will be entirely lava-based maps, those are freakin' fun to play. (DK II lava maps were great). Still, can't wait for the update, I'm checking forums non-stop, hoping that...
  8. Pyle

    So much win!

    Welcome! Enjoy your nerd-gasms :D
  9. Pyle

    WFTO Wednesday #47: Livestream Wrapup

    Can't wait for this update, especially the >MULTIPLAYER<!
  10. Pyle


    Well, I got cursor lags and lags overall even with a GTX 660, 6 core CPU, and 8Gb of ram. In my opinion, your GTS 450 is too old for "Fantastic" parameters.
  11. Pyle

    Got 2 Dota II keys

    Steam keeps sending me the keys, I don't know why.
  12. Pyle

    Got 2 Dota II keys

    haha, I got 11 keys, just PM your email to me and I will send you one :D
  13. Pyle

    Planetside 2

    Graphics are cool, environment is amazing, but I can't stand the FPS drops, the game is not yet optimized, I got an GTX 660 and AMD Phenom II X6 6CPUs and I've got huge drops in large battles. But yeah, the game itself is good, it's a futuristic, faction based first person shooter.
  14. Pyle

    League of legends

    I bet 90% on this forum are playing or atleast tryed to play League of Legends, because it's unavoidable, this game just sucks you in :D By the way, my most playable characters - Nidalee, Anivia. Server - EU West.
  15. Pyle

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!
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