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    Gnarling/Market feedback - I am utterly pissed off!

    I mean Gnarling's scavenging ability and the Market scrapped? Armor variety of the minions was the main reason I liked Overlord, made it feel immersive and atmospheric. Now when it is gone this game will just be another computer game where every unit of the same type will look exactly the same...
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    Dungeons still has more players than War for the Overworld Bedrock Beta

    Not that I like this fact but just letting you know. http://steamcharts.com/app/57650 Dungeons http://steamcharts.com/app/230190 War for the Overworld What do you think about this? Did you expect it?
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    Who is going to play all night?

    I am just curious, who is going to play the beta all night? Personally I am not going to do that but I wish I could.
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    [Gameplay System] Gnarlings dueling each other, one being the master of the other etc.

    How about if gnarlings would duel each other? By that I say only the decked out ones. Here is an example of the idea: If two very decked out gnarlings, Mgad and Grudz, would meet there is a chance that they would duel each other to see who is the strongest. The winner (Mgad) would either steal...
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    KeeperFX Vs. Dungeon Keepr 2

    Why is the KeeperFX forum on the Keeper Klan website much more active than Dungeon Keeper 2 forum on the same site. Does this mean that KeeperFX is simply better than Dungeon Keeper 2?
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    Dungeon Empires

    Did anyone play it? It was a browser game run in unity where you built your dungeon and invaded other players' dungeons in turn-based battles. It had some quite deep environments so maybe Subterranean games could use some assets from it given that it is no longer available.
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    How many people are developing the game?

    I am curious and can't find it anywhere. What is the approximate number of people making the game at the moment?
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    Some questions about kickstarter and upgrading

    I pledged the kickstarter edition on kickstarter (£20). Is it possible for me to upgrade to the founder tier though this website by paying extra £95 or do I have to pay extra £115?
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