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  1. BlackBeard

    [GUIDE] Translation / interpretation of some names / words

    Greetings, Underlords Many of you who have grappled with translations community have noticed That Certain words and / or names are difficult to translate into Their Own language. This thread is created with the aim to annoy developers :p If you have any doubt about how to translate a name or...
  2. BlackBeard

    Multi gameplay, Treaty Mode

    Today I had an idea to improve the multiplayer experience with a new "game mode". The "peace treaty" mode. The actual gameplay encourages the rush to defeat the opponent as soon as possible. The "peace treaty" is a period of truce between all participants that allows you to prepare for battle...
  3. BlackBeard

    WFTO Traduzione IT

    Saluti Underlords, Tutti noi amiamo Dungeon Keeper e il suo successore spirituale War For The Overworld, per questo motivo abbiamo deciso di creare una comunità di traduzione Italiana che ha come obbiettivo quello di migliorare l'esperienza di gioco nel bel paese. Purtroppo come alcuni di voi...
  4. BlackBeard

    Published BlackBeard's Maps!

    BlackBeard's Maps! Hello guys, my creations are here. GLHF Purgatory vs Hell (1v1 skirmish and multiplayer mode) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=656140437&searchtext= This map is formed by two cones, One That Represents the descent to hell (Dante), the other the...
  5. BlackBeard

    setting players (in map editor).

    Hello guys! have to work on some maps for steam workshop, I give some suggestions for maps .. many maps require a precise setting of the players (Ex: player vs A.I.1 + A.I.2). Sometimes I See That the "instructions" are written in the description, but in other cases it is hard to understand how...
  6. BlackBeard

    suggestions: doors

    hello guys, I would make an idea to improve the gameplay of the doors. manumission door: this new "revision" allows you to slow down the enemy properly. if your opponent has a large number of creatures no matter which door you build it, you do not have time to prepare defenses with "manumission...
  7. BlackBeard

    Balance WFTO 1.3

    I decided to open this thread to give opportunities to players (old and new) to express their opinion on the state of balance (Patch 1.3). My opinion about The game is definitely more balanced with respect to the patch 1.0, but there are some basic problems that have remained ... - Spam...
  8. BlackBeard

    CPU usage problem

    Hello guys! after patch 1.2 I noticed That my CPU usage never Exceeds 50%, even in 2v2 maps and many troops. I did many tests but the situation is still the same .. early game 40-45% CPU usage (55 - 60 fps), mid game 45-50% CPU usage (40- 45 fps), late game (in the battles with many troops)...
  9. BlackBeard

    Heart of Gold: balance and suggestions

    since Heart of Gold is coming, I decided to open this thread to discuss the current balance of the game and suggestions. The Doors in game the doors are not used, blade lotus it has the same function and cause damage to the creatures. solution to the problem: the doors are not destroyed...
  10. BlackBeard

    WFTO: Translations

    welcome back underlords many of you have noticed the state of the translations of war for the overworld, so the devs are thinking of open up the translation to the community. if you want to help this great team / game, write here your nickname and your language experience. Form to fill out to...
  11. BlackBeard

    Under Review graphic bug succubus

    during the corruption of a unit the succubus has a strange shadow behind her(when you pass the mouse over her), which in some cases goes to overlap with the HP bar (picture 3)
  12. BlackBeard

    Accepted (WFTO-3719) Object highlighting not visible through occlusion

    I noticed a bug annoying that occurs when a unit is close to an object. as you can see from the photo below, the worker (give it a name more original please xD) is behind the portal and you can not distinguish it, which may give much trouble during the battles. I do not know if it's desired by...
  13. BlackBeard

    Can't Reproduce bug Highguard

    while playing at home realm I placed a blade lotus, the bug occurred when Highguard tries to attack blade lotus, there is no animation of attack (for Highguard), remains there still davati blade lotus to take damage. P.S. blade lotus receives no damage (sorry for eng)
  14. BlackBeard

    New [visual bug] fog of war

    the bug in question appears on all maps in any mission (I think many of you have noticed) ... under the fog of war there is a wall (when the area was not revealed) and it is very annoying, especially when you start a game, the core seems to appear from nowhere.
  15. BlackBeard

    [Overlord] anime/manga

    Anime / manga Overlord hello guys, a few days ago I came across this anime / manga (novel) about a dark lord, style DK / WFTO .. 99.9% of us loves DK, I decided to share with you underlords .. episodes (13) are readily available on dailymotion. ^^
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