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  1. Fireeye

    [GUIDE] Translation / interpretation of some names / words

    To my best knowledge, the name "Gnarling" derives from the "Gnarl" advisor character in the Overlord series, and hence is a proper noun, which is normally left untranslated (unless you are Blizzard, but screw these people). The German version has them as "Knarzling", which is a rather...
  2. Fireeye

    Multi gameplay, Treaty Mode

    Certainly an interesting idea and I remember Age of Empires II also had something similar. However, I see an issue in that the Wrath tree is more or less entirely build around rushing, so by making rushing impossible, you're basically degrading the entire wrath tree (safe perhaps for the...
  3. Fireeye

    Patch 1.5 changes

    1. Having multiple maps open at the same time sadly would be difficult (and CPU-intensive) as the editor mode essentially can be described as a regular skirmish map with disable AI and a different user interface to manipulate terrain and the like. 2. Copy and Paste would be nice, have to...
  4. Fireeye

    Suggestion | More realistic

    It is not a good idea to take an idea from Skyrim (An ARPG) and then try to implement it into War For the Overworld (an RTS).
  5. Fireeye

    The English Version of Enderal is live!

    Enderal is a Total Conversion (TC) of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. While it does use Skyrim's engine. combat system (with some tweaks) and most art assets, Enderal takes places on an entirely different world with its own environment, story, factions, and so on. You could perhaps liken it as to...
  6. Fireeye

    WFTO: Translations

    A personal word on the German translation - assuming there are others who are willing to look into it (I'm kind of busy with other stuff for the time being), it would be very nice if the game would use "Ihr/Euer" instead of "Du/Dein" when addressing the player. The former would be more fitting...
  7. Fireeye

    HOG Golden Horn Level 4

    To my best knowledge its just an easter egg that gives you the correspondent achievement.
  8. Fireeye

    Ignore this

    I think we should instead use this thread to praise our undying Lord Cthulhu in his sunken city of Ry'leh! Cthulu phtagn!
  9. Fireeye

    Cultist voice clips

    I can only assume you'd need some kind of third party software you extract the sound clips from the game files, but I do not where where said sound files are stored, nor which software you would require to extract them.
  10. Fireeye

    Enclothed Cognition - Why "Themes" are brilliant/awesome

    Although I see their point in this case, I don't like Extra Credits very much. Between them throwing a moral hissyfit over Hatred and attacking Total Biscuit in a highly hypocritical manner, I find it very difficult to hold any respect for that team.
  11. Fireeye

    WftO Trivia Thread

    Just a thread to collect all the little things and oddities you noticed while playing WftO To get things started: Arena At least two of the skulls that hang from the fortified walls around the arena belong to in-game minions, namely to the Behemoth (the skull can be identified by its enormous...
  12. Fireeye

    Published my first creation

    Mace of Hell Streitkolben der Hölle?
  13. Fireeye

    7 locked Sins?

    IIRC it's just placeholder icons, except there's nothing they actually hold the place for. I wager they're only there because the Veins of Evil UI would get messed up otherwise.
  14. Fireeye

    What i find lacking in this game

    1. To be entirely fair, the combat always was hard to overview even in back in DK. That being said, I feel that really groups do a decent enough job of keeping you informed about the health of your own minions. 2. An enhanced possession mode certainly would be nice, but probably isn't very high...
  15. Fireeye

    Pick up gold similar to the game Black and White 2

    Wouldn't mind that as far as it is technically feasible. That being said, you can circumvent the issue in HoG 3 by selling all vaults you claim. If your vaults are full, all gold you gather is automatically sent into the Colossus Forge.
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