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  1. Peetfighter

    6 years later...

    Always nice to see people from past times return.
  2. Peetfighter

    Goodbye, TDMoO.

    Nathan was literally everywhere in the early days of 2013/2014 following everyone who was even slightly active and being a overall nice lad. Eventually we became friends on Steam and had an occasional chat about WFTO and whatnot until he removed me for unknown reasons. Despite that I hadn't...
  3. Peetfighter

    Brightrock Games is Three Years Old!

    Thank you again for all your effort put into your content! I may not yet have completed War for the Overworld entirely but I will eventually get around doing it. I wish you all good luck in your future project and I will at the very least take a peek at the progress every now and then.
  4. Peetfighter

    List of feedback War for the Overworld campaign 1.6

    Hello to the few people who still roam this forum nowadays and more importantly the developers who made this game possible! It has been close to 5 years that I own and play War for the Overworld and most of my playtime went to the QA testing I did for a year. That means playing the game just to...
  5. Peetfighter

    Introduction thread

    I don't love sushi.
  6. Peetfighter

    [Old Members] Come back to say Hi

    I'm still around every now and then. It's sad but understandable that this forum is no longer very active.
  7. Peetfighter

    Bugging Josh has it's consequences.

    Bugging Josh has it's consequences.
  8. Peetfighter

    This forum in a nutshell.

    This forum in a nutshell.
  9. Peetfighter

    WFTO Traduzione IT

    Mad Alchemist sounds like the best name for a Crackpot in my opinion. For the Gnarling try using the Italian word for Goblin instead (Folletto). Legion doesn't seem like the correct word for a Warband here, it translates to army. Is ''Gruppo Battaglione'' a better alternative?
  10. Peetfighter

    Still alive.

    Still alive.
  11. Peetfighter

    Warning: Steam Account Security has been compromised due to caching bug [now fixed]

    I remember such an issue happening on the forums right here. That was really weird and random.
  12. Peetfighter

    More Money than God & Stay a While and Listen Achievements

    Change your view to global achievement stats and you can see it on the bottom of the list.
  13. Peetfighter

    More Money than God & Stay a While and Listen Achievements

    More Money than God requires you to mine a titanic amount of gold. How much we don't know, but it has been discussed about lowering it and maybe even add a ''stepping stone'' achievement.
  14. Peetfighter

    You're a gold shrine, Nutter.

    You're a gold shrine, Nutter.
  15. Peetfighter

    If you would like to see maps in the next patch ?

    OVER 9000! Because Steam Workshop.
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