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  1. Nanorock

    New C9) Belmorne's Pass won't compete

    In C9, after surviving the waves, you still need to attack their outpost and open the door in the north to attack the priestess channeling a holy ritual =) I got confused there and thought of C7, in C9 you just need to survive the three big waves without letting more than 9 units pass to the...
  2. Nanorock

    Need more information Map editor - Modify existing map bug ?

    Good afternoon underlords =) I'm sorry to hear that in some scenario editing map can become corrupted :^/ Do you guys have some replicate steps ? Because if I can reproduce the problem on my side I'll certainly be able to fix the issue. The issue of editing map being corrupted can only happen...
  3. Nanorock

    Completed Can't join/host multiplayer games on OS X

    Bare in mind f15 was broken for Mac so you wouldn't have been able to join any server with official maps, try also to update to latest version f16 =)
  4. Nanorock

    Under Review Start Gold at Zero on new maps

    Hello =) Can you tell me the name of your map ? Is it publicly available on the workshop ? If not could you eventually send it to me so I can have a look ?
  5. Nanorock

    Completed Skirmish Button does nothing

    We're working on it ^^' Sorry about the delay
  6. Nanorock

    Patch 1.3 Now Available!

    I saw people already adding description explaining how to play their map, I found it useful, and even though I might not represent the majority , I would follow the rules posted by the creator ^_^
  7. Nanorock

    The crash at launch games (no solution works)

    On avait un problème avec le jeu en Français ^^' Mais c'est maintenant réparé =) Essaie de mettre le jeu à jour ^^
  8. Nanorock

    Completed WftO ceased to run after the patch 1.3

    Le jeux est de nouveau jouable en Français =) (version f14) The game is now again playable in French (version f14)
  9. Nanorock

    AI and saving bugs

    Hello Just, did you tried to verify steam game cache ? In the library, right click on WFTO, properties, and go to Local File tab and then "Verify integrity of game cache"
  10. Nanorock

    Completed WftO ceased to run after the patch 1.3

    Hello @R4gtl, can you please try the following: - In Steam right click on WFTO in the library - Local Files tab: Verify integrity of Game Cache If that doesn't solve your problem can you try then to delete the following file - [Steam folder]/steamapps/common/War For The...
  11. Nanorock

    geographic direction

    Hello guys ^_^ Thanks for your input, I switched that to keep your orientation =^) It will be in next patch Cheers !
  12. Nanorock

    Hey Amon, I'm working in English even though I'm French ;^) (Yeah answer after 6 month ! ...

    Hey Amon, I'm working in English even though I'm French ;^) (Yeah answer after 6 month ! ... sorry ^^') And yes, it's just the beginning ~~
  13. Nanorock

    WFTO Wednesday #114: Patch 0.7.0 & EGX Rezzed

    Hello guys ^_^ About the Wirebox selection, I'll work on it very soon and fix depth and scaling issue ;^)
  14. Nanorock


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