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  1. Shyanekh

    Dungeon Infestations [misc] / [gameplay mechanic]

    Just a quick FYI for anybody wondering, my intention was indeed for there to be a radius of tiles that are considered "patrolled". Might not have communicated it too well ;) Thanks again for the C+C guys.
  2. Shyanekh

    Thanks very much :)

    Thanks very much :)
  3. Shyanekh

    Dungeon Infestations [misc] / [gameplay mechanic]

    Yep that's fair enough :) I know nothing about programming etc (it's amazing I can actually turn my computer on if I'm honest) so didn't know if it'd be too much to do. Glad you liked the idea though :)
  4. Shyanekh

    Dungeon Infestations [misc] / [gameplay mechanic]

    Thanks for the comments guys (and thankyou for adding this to the list lordofriva). I very much agree with the general consensus that this is something to be considered much later down the road. As it stands I'd rather see the game finished, polished and have new units/traps/spells added first...
  5. Shyanekh

    Dungeon Infestations [misc] / [gameplay mechanic]

    So vast and ancient had the dungeon of Underlord Dnahdergib grown, even he no longer knew what foul beasts made their lairs in the dark. The Blood Imps knew to steer clear of the older, more labyrinthine areas of the dungeon for no small number of them had perished within those stygian depths...
  6. Shyanekh

    What do YOU guys want to see in WFTO?

    This a thousand times! No dark lord should be without a pit beast of some kind. Could also be used to entertain minions as the luckless hero is devoured/squashed/dismembered. The actual design of the creature could be virtually anything, but personally I think something like this would look...
  7. Shyanekh

    Introduction thread

    Hello folks! My name is Dave and I'm a Creative Writing Postgrad from Manchester. I only recently learned about WFTO and have spent the last week or so perusing the forums before deciding it was high time I got hold of the Bedrock Beta and signed up here :) I actually stumbled on this game after...
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