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  1. J

    Endless Belethor's pass?

    Seems it's not my night. First Uther goes AWOL, and now the dwarves at Belethor are apparently hiding above ground and working on their ventriloquism skills. I played as usual, and around 30 min mark decided to take the fight to them. By 40 mins, I've captured the outpost all the way up to...
  2. J

    Desecration of Uther's Tomb.

    Re-running the campaign, today I find that I can't desecrate the tomb. I found some threads from April which said that this was fixed in an upcoming patch, but meantime to slap a few ghouls to death and hope it worked. That did work in this case, but whatever happened with the fix from April...
  3. J

    The NYE/NYD greetings were a nice touch.

    The greetings from Mendechaus (sp?) on starting the game at New Year's Eve and Day were a good little touch. Just a little creepy - perfect. :)
  4. J

    Lower the imps' AI tendency to fortify, please?

    Hi, I play vs. the AI, and I'm fast concluding that the single most useful Sin is the ritual that lets me fortify my own walls. Not because I want the walls fortified, not at all. That seems generally pointless. Most of the time, if the AI is tunnelling through the walls in my treasury...
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