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  1. AvatarIII

    Hi, I think your skype account has been hacked http://i.imgur.com/3hpMDfU.png

    Hi, I think your skype account has been hacked http://i.imgur.com/3hpMDfU.png
  2. AvatarIII

    WFTO Statuettes Now Available ( & Kickstarter Coupons)

    I didn't even know that was possible! In any case, I was worried that I had missed my code, and that it had got junked and deleted, but the fact that when I got the code it wasn't junked at all proved that I hadn't missed it (and that it wasn't a resend)
  3. AvatarIII

    WFTO Statuettes Now Available ( & Kickstarter Coupons)

    Cool, thanks, Got my code last night and it wasn't junked!
  4. AvatarIII

    WFTO Statuettes Now Available ( & Kickstarter Coupons)

    What email address will they be coming from? I want to make sure it doesn't get junked. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  5. AvatarIII

    WFTO Statuettes Now Available ( & Kickstarter Coupons)

    Are all the codes sent yet? What is the address that they were sent from?
  6. AvatarIII

    Published River Styx

    Lol yeah I noticed that after I published lol, let's just say the river Styx is pretty long, and one of the maps is upstream :D Thanks :) I wanted to have some sort of sneaky back entrance into the base that took longer to tunnel out as a defender than as an attacker, to make it harder to...
  7. AvatarIII

    Published River Styx

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=591770401&searchtext= I designed this map about a year ago in the spreadsheet map designer, and now the map designer is out, I could finally translate it into the game. I have played it once on skirmish against a random opponent (and won)...
  8. AvatarIII

    How do I select monitor?

    put this in the command line: http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/CommandLineArguments.html
  9. AvatarIII


    That was actually quite a recent addition
  10. AvatarIII


    oh really? I remember that being talked about but I thought Sim decided that it was not worth it, and to just not let wooden bridges be built on lava. honestly i haven't even tried buiding wooden bridge on lava in a loooong time.
  11. AvatarIII

    [Performance] Automatic Texture and Poly Reduction

    textures and meshes are stored in VRAM, iirc, the game's performance issues are CPU and RAM related, so i am not sure how much further mipmapping or mesh decimation can improve performance any more.
  12. AvatarIII

    Sacrificing Prisoners

    would it not make sense then for sacrifices to be weighted by population count rather than all being equal?
  13. AvatarIII


    Yeah, what Nutter said, basically Sim wanted n open terrain that was un-bridgable Water: Bridgeable by anything, all units can traverse Sacred Earth: Not bridgeable, all units can traverse Lava: Bridgeable by stone and volcanic bridge, only flying units can traverse Chasm: Not bridgeable, only...
  14. AvatarIII

    Language translation

    that's so weird, in English, Laden actually means "heavily loaded or weighed down.", and Last means "the time before this one", the fact that in German Last means physical load, and Laden means load as in load a game seems completely backwards. :D
  15. AvatarIII

    New Picking up rats (?) from prison

    rats need to be pick-up-able so you can use them in the tavern if required. i think the best fix would be to make it so rats die instantly if dropped on torture prop accidentally, instead of preventing you from dropping
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