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  1. Stygian Emperor

    Collection The Stygian Empire GoG 1.0

    Maps included: Abyssal Pillar Bloodied Colosseum Fractured Fortress 1v1 Fractured Fortress 2v2 Rivers of Life Sandy Tomb Shared Space Sight of Evil Stygian Ritual 1v1 Stygian Ritual FFA The A-Maze-ing Labyrinth The Grid Titan's Keep
  2. Noontide

    Collection The Top 20! v1

    This is a collection of the Top 20 Most Subscribed maps from the Steam Workshop as of June 2017. Get your hands on the maps that everyone wants! Singleplayer Maps: The Fortress of Baldiak v1.5 Sovengarde Underhall (Shrine Fix) Turncoats Moonbrush Wood Blaise End Fort Mira Dwarven Fortress The...
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